"Cuckolded and Content" - - a Spanish novel

I'm John, 30 years old; my wife Mary Ann is 26. She's not pretty, a bit chubby, but has enormous b**** of which both of us are very proud; I like her to wear very low-cut blouses to display her generous cleavage, leaving other guys panting with need
On our wedding night, she confessed that she wasn't a virgin when we met, which I pretty well knew anyway. But she also admitted she had fantasies about my best friend Bob, who was best man at our wedding. He is very good-looking, a lot like Tom Cruise, and had the biggest d*** in our high school gym class.
I was surprised when I too began having fantasies about Bob and Mary Ann getting together, despite her giving me a very complete love life; she needs it lots, and often. The images grew stronger; one night in a dream I saw her naked on her back on our bed, her bare knees, widespread, held up above Bob's bare back, even her bare feet, while he enjoyed her luscious,
hairy female parts. That dream drove me mad with desire, wanting to see
the real thing.
I told Mary Ann about it, which surprised and pleased her; a week later I
told her I wanted it to really happen, and she instantly agreed. The plan was for her to say I was working out of town, and invite him over, while I hid in the bedroom closet to watch. It all went as planned; I didn't see the foreplay on the couch, but she came into the bedroom wearing only panties and her DD bra. They were on the bed; the bra was soon tossed to the floor, and she raised her hips so he could pull her lacy panties down and off. Her hand was down the front of his undershorts, stroking; soon she pulled them down too, wanting to see his hard swollen organ. In no time he was on top of her, she was making little eager impatient sounds, then a loud "Oooo!" as he
"staked his claim", and my dream came true. I heard the panting, my poor old bed squeaking as never before; in a very short time there were two o******, Mary Ann's the loudest, and they collapsed, exhausted.
After, I thanked her for trusting me, and said she could do it again, but only with Bob. She smiled knowingly; she was going to do it anyway. I asked her how it felt when he first took her; she said "Big! Twice as big as yours! And even though she was satisfied, she gave it to me again, on our bed; I got to enjoy a "wetdeck", sloppy seconds. So now I'm a cuckold, and proud that
Bob had wanted my wife so badly.

Dec 18

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  • Is your wife on birth control? If not you should play Russian Roulette and see which of you gets her pregnant. I encouraged my wife to have s** with other men and she said that if she did she would stop her birth control. She did and she has gotten pregnant six times and we have three children that don't look like me and three that do.

  • Oh wow!

    You have a fabulous wife and she was rewarded.

    I love watching my husband f*** my best friend. We have been having three ways for over 15 years now.

    I’ve always wanted my husband to watch me with another, but I had plenty of lovers before him. I was a little slit from the age of 13 till 24 when I met my husband.

    Now I prefer watching him make my BF moan and the best part is I get to lick her clean

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