I'm [F/25] going to jail.

I'm going to court tomorrow to accept a plea deal that'll have me spending nine months in the county jail. For the sake of protecting my identity, I'd rather not say what I did. I will, however, say that I am in fact guilty, that I deserve this sentence, and that I'm sorry for what I've done and will never be so stupid ever again.

I still can't believe I got myself into this mess. I can only hope I haven't ruined the rest of my life because of it.

Next Confession

Boyfriend and my mum

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  • I can be contacted for the best in kiddie ** including snuff
    hackingloop_6@g m a i l.com (no '_' between 'p' and '6'. No spaces in 'gmail')

    Oh, don't tell Jerrybob that I'm using his email address as a ruse- I love molesting the kids!!!

  • They say nothing of the crime . By now he or she is in the pen, not sticking up what he or she did but, now have time to think of what they done.. I have to say good luck! yes this person ** up and ruined the rest of there life. So Good luck!

  • Fascist punk get off the website! You're gonna die race traitor! Racemixing scum!

  • It’ll be alright.

  • For the sake of protecting your lack of imagination, you mean. Unless it was really specific, like you shoved sixteen live squirrels up your own **, your stupidity is just like any of a thousand similar offenses perpetrated by retards such as yourself.

    Methinks you're a bored little drama queen who's scraping the bottom of the barrel for some anonymous validation.

  • I wanna ** a one-armed woman. I wanna eat her **. For her, I'll cut off my feet and tippy toey on my stump. Woolah!

  • You ccunt, I hope you get raaeped by a male officer. That'll be your atonement for whatever you did. Thunderccunt.

  • How does one get raaeped? There are intelligent ways to get past this site's censoring. Figure it out.

  • So what if I misspelled it. I was getting excited about me getting ** by my lover tomorrow night.

  • U will get over it, do your time and get out. its going to be hard, hem move on with your life.

  • Let me guess. You got drunk and hit someone with your car. Possibly killed them.

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