Overly affectionate mother towards son

Has anyone ever heard of convert incest? It’s when parents treat their children like significant others only with our sexual interaction.. recently I just got onto my girlfriend for treating her son like he’s her boyfriend because it’s just strange as h***. I’m her woman, and every time she kisses or hugs me he gets jealous bc he doesn’t know any type of boundaries and that the love is different. The other day she said she was in love with her son and I thought that was very weird to say… she just stopped bathing with and getting naked infront of him this year bc I said something not bc she wanted to.. Am I wrong for voicing my opinion? Does anyone know what I’m talking about when i say some people are overly obsessed and too affectionate with their child?????

Dec 20

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  • I know a guy who "I believe" got in this situation and went with it... He used to date a girl who had 2 young children. They broke up for about 10 years. Last year he started seeing her again. Her son was now 15. Shortly after they started dating he began to tell me things about the boy, like he was confused, thought he was bisexual and he had a really big d*** (don't know how he knew that one). After a couple of months he then dropped the bomb that he thought his girlfriend was having s** with her son. Instead of bailing on the situation he asked them to move in with him!
    After they moved in he became really reclusive. He hardly ever came out with friends and even when she was at work he would choose to stay home one on one with the boy.
    I have no proof, but I believe he is having s** with the boy and both he and the boy are doing his girlfriend. I know she drinks heavily and I wouldn't doubt it.

  • Yup. Your girlfriend sexually abused her son and now he can’t have a normal s** life. Dump that c*** and tell her why

  • I posted my similar story a few months ago.
    I was dating a woman at work with a 16 year old son. She was crazy fit, ran marathons, extremely flexible because of yoga and a freak in the bedroom. S** was crazy!!
    We were going out on a date and she was wearing a short flowing dress. She spun around in front of her son and I. We could see her white lace thongs. He said, "Mom! You're such a MILF! You're going to laid tonight." I thought that was weird. Before we left, he slid his hand up her dress and they French Kissed. She smacked him away and whispered something.
    A few days later we were running at the park and he was practicing baseball with his friends. She was wearing tiny mesh shorts and a sports bra.
    She said, "There's my baby boy." She ran up to him and jumped up and straddled him in mid air. He held on to her ass and they kissed with tongue again.
    I had to decide between, 'too weird for me' or 'crazy s**'. Sadly I broke up with her.

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