I refuse to wear heels in my sister's wedding!

My older sister (28) is getting married and she asked me to be her ‘Maid of Honor’. I didn’t want to at first because ‘Maid of Honor’ sounds aristocratic and demeaning! WTF!

The prestigious title also comes with responsibility! WTF! It’s not my F**king wedding plan your own S**T! I’m also supposed to help dress her on her ‘big F**king day!’. F that! My parents are also paying for everything too! My mom bought me a pair of Christian Louboutin Rose Amelie heels to wear. Who wears F**king heels! They also plan for me to get a pedi with them the day before the wedding!
This is too much! Why do I have to wear what someone else want’s me to wear just because it’s ‘her big day’.
I told him I’m not going to the spa the day before or wearing those ridiculous shoes! My sister turned into Bridezilla and is p*****! Mom’s mad because the shoes were expensive and she can’t return them!
I vented to my professor. She totally agrees with me and said why do people think they can use old traditions to force other people to things they don’t want to do. She advised me to ‘do what I want to do even if it makes them mad.’ She told me to 'stand firm, do not conform to the norm and resist'. She said I need to refuse to be in the wedding unless they change my title to “Sister of the Bride” NOT “Maid of Honor”. She said I can help change the world.
I did. Now Bridezilla doesn’t want me in the wedding and her ‘Maid of Honor’ is now her BFF.
I couldn’t be happier!

Jun 5, 2021

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  • I bet those shoes are size 13EEE!

  • Your biggest problem is that f***** up liberal professor setting you up for a life of failure. Your sister just needs to kick your ungrateful ass out of her wedding and get someone with a human brain. Moron.

  • My professor has her PHD and has been published in a magazine. I think she knows more than YOU! Mom and sis got Dad involved. He told me I've changed since I went to college. I told him not true! He's intimidated by a strong educated female and can't deal with it. I told him men are the problem with this world and my generation is going to resist and fix it. He threatened to stop paying my tuition for next semester and make me get my own cell plan. I messaged my professor, she said he can't do that, I'm entitled to my education and I can take him to court.
    My sister's wedding is 3 weeks away and no one is speaking to me. My sister wants me to come but I told her I can't be part of a useless tradition and I will never conform to her demands.
    Mom stopped talking to me and asked me to move out.
    Dad told me it's time for me to grow up and get a 'real job'. WTF does that mean?

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