My Gf Always wins our wrestling matches

My Gf loves to wrestle me and always wins, she can make me tap out without much effort and looks down laughing at me. She says i will never ever beat her and i actually know now this is true.
I find this h**** and so does she
Any similar couples ?

Dec 21

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  • My gf and I play wrestle too. She works out and is really strong do it was a pretty even matchup. I have a height advantage. In one match she decided that as the victor she could spank me for losing, so now I put up a challenge but let her win. She spanks me really hard but It’s worth it.

  • I can beat my husband in wrestling. I'm a powerlifter, looking to get stronger still one way or another

  • My gf in college used to love wrestling in a bikini. She'd wrestle me and any of my friends. We loved squeezing her t*** and ass during the match. Sometimes her top would come untied but she'd want to keep going. She loved the attention.
    She was fun and s** was amazing!

  • Did she ever have s** with any of your friends after wrestling? We used to play strip poker with my gf and friends, she usually being the only girl. She would have s** with however won but she would keep the pot. All of the other guys and I watched. Then after they left, she and I would f*** all night long.

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