Playing w dad while he slept

Starting around age 5 I would take advantage of my dads weekend drinking and play with him when he passed out. It became the most important thing of my weekend. Hed sleep in the nasement on the weekends because when he drank hed smoke and my mom didnt like the alcohol smell...luckily the room next to his den was the computer room I spent alot of time in downlpading music. Id spend my whole night with my pants at my knees touching myself...plotting and deciding exactly what areas of his body I was going to focus on that particular night, pausing my music occasionally dezperately waiting to hear him snoring. As soon as I would hear his heavy breathing is almost instantly start pre c****** call out dad once or twice to assure he was out enough for me to start exploring him. Usually id crouch down beside him next to the couch and give his chest and belly and nice firm almost rough rub using that as a indication my hands on his p**** or my face in his crotch wouldnt wKe get so hard just from rubbing his chest id have to m********* a bit to calm down...usually my goal was to get his underwear past his c*** area closest to his knees, the bunching up of them coukd be uncomfortable Giving reason to wake up. But first id pull the front waitband down jist enough to smell his crotch. Till this day Irish spring makes me see my dads pubs and c*** instantly..he was completrly natural..a very thick bush that was like heaven to me spend hours sometimes just rubbing my face all over his p**** and his c*** hair...there would be so much pre c** it would look like I p***** myself.
Sometimes when I could tell he wks really out of it I would take off all my clothes and very very slowly climb on top of him and eventually be laying flat against him...c*** to c***..body to body and once content I would start humping very short thrusts at first but then I would gradually go harder...Sometimes I almost screwed myself over but thankfully not but id get so carried away and Kind of forget I wasn't supposed to be c*** f****** my dad at 5 years id take a break and then work on sucking his p****...this scared methe most and I still dont know why... I'll never forget the first time it got hard... May God strike me dead it was the most beautiful c*** I've seen till this day.. It was so big and hairy and I remember saying out loud dad im going to suck your p****... My God that taste.. It was the best thing I had ever tasted my p**** was so hard I was a bit scared as I had never been so aroused...looking back at It for 5 years old I was sexually advanced and knew exactly what I wanted... And that was to have incest gay s** with my dad

Dec 28

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