Want for Mother in law

I have lived with my MIL for about 2 years now and my desires towards her have grown stronger and stronger throughout. It’s got to the stage where I snook into her room and checked out her worn panties which were amazing and obviously had my fun with them.

I then got braver and tried to flash her when she came in our room, me pretending to be asleep naked but nothing really happened. Then I started to take her worn panties j*** off to them and c** on her clean panties and bras and place them back in her room for her to wear. It was obvious at one stage as you could see my load but she never wore them.

Then I started snooping more one day and found her stash. I found s** toys, catsuits and collars and my personal favourite, her strap on! I couldn’t help myself but take a video there and then of me licking and sucking her vibrators clean. They did appear to have some of her juices left on them which I took care of. This is what got me hooked. I now knew she was as kinky as I was and wanted her to know my fantasies and fetishes and hope she would indulge.

I bought myself some women’s shirts due to the advantage of having a smaller crotch and this allowed me to flash her from time to time but wasn’t that successful. She only really paid attention when I was semi hard and you could see my bulge. The occasion I was thinking of was when I was stood next to her as she was loading the dishwasher up and bent down so her eyeline was as the same level as my d***. I could see that she glanced at it each time she bent down to load the dishwasher up. I got a huge kick out of that. However she has never made a move or hinted that it would be ok to proceed any further.

I then started going in her room more often, checking on her toys for use and then cleaning them if they had. This was up until she put a small padlock on her suitcase where she kept them. So I can no longer clean her toys up.

I then started taking notice of her footwear, I loved her wedges and my foot fetish began. They smelled Devine and I began jerking off to all her shoes. I’ve started buying her clothes and shoes and on a few occasions I’ve managed to put some panties in her room and a few tops. This didn’t go to plan though as the following day she began questioning everyone on the house who’s put them there as they aren’t hers etc. I was very embarrassed but managed to play it cool and brushed it off. I think she knows it’s me but doesn’t know what to do about it.

I want to buy her clothes and shoes and see her wear them. I want to worship her and for her to understand my desires towards her but I don’t know what I should do. I want to massage her feet and be her submissive, for her to use me as she sees fit. I want it to be a casual thing as I don’t want it to effect my marriage as my wife isn’t that sexual but my MIL could provide that for me. She could date who she likes and I could be her casual cuckold. My wife doesn’t need to know and everyone would be happy.

I want her to find out my desires for her but don’t know how to do it. I’ve tried to leave clues all the time but they never seem to be seen. I leave p*** sites up while she walks past my room and even leave tabs open as to the clothes I want to buy her in her size. I go on her laptop and look at items I want to buy her.

She’s off this week as am I. We should be alone together in the house. What should I do? Do I make a move? If so how?

Sep 19, 2021

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