My uncle saw me using vibrators

Okkk so my mum went to a vacation for 3 weeks with her co-workers. So im gonna be left alone at home. She told me that my uncle would stop by everyday to check up on me,if i still have money,if im okay and all that s***. But i told her that i dont need anyone to check up on me i mean seriously im 18 for christ's sake. But being her stubborn self she would not let me by myself without anyone looking out for me. Thursday night my mother left the house and before she left she told me that my uncle was downstairs watching tv. I dont know why she had to tell me that. Like i give a f***.i was in my room that night watching random videos on youtube. After 15 minutes or so my stomach was growling indicating that im hungry. So i went downstairs to search for some food. I saw my uncle laying comfortably on the sofa watching tv. He didnt really acknowledge my presence. Like i care though. All i need right now is my food to eat. After i feed myself. I went upstairs to continue my boring life on social media. I jumped on mu bed and grabbed my laptop. And i started searching random things. Hours had passed, and im really bored. Since my mum is not here. I decided to watch some p***. It normal to watch p*** im an adult now and im curious anout s**. I've never had s** with anyone one before in short i'm a virgin.

After an hour i've watched like 3 videos. And i was done. Some video bores me. So i thought i should stop. I couldn't myself but to touch know my p**** down there. Im so h****. My finger did not satisfy me so i went to my mothers room and looked for her vibrators. She has alot of them, i kid u not. I was excited and anxious at the same time. I dont know why maybe because this is my first time using this weird device. As soon as laid my back on my bed i started to take off my shorts and damp panties. I was very wet. I positioned the vibrator on my c*** and turned the device on. It felt so good,this f****** weird device was such heavenly. I moved the vinrator from my c*** all the way down on my slit. I cant help but to moan so loud. I was screaming because of complete pleasure i was feeling. I couldn't careless about anyone who could hear me screaming. Ater i roam the vibrator on my p****. I finally c**. F*** it was so good. I was exhauseted and sweat was dripping on my forehead. Still my legs was spread wide open.

I felt someone was looking at me so i opened my eyes and i saw my uncle looking at me on the doorway of my room palming his crotch. I was embarrased but after that i dry humped his clothed c*** all night. It was amazing

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  • Oh my god no way!!! Your uncle??? Jesus man (not saying it in a rude way I'm so shocked lol!!)

  • This made c** so easily i loved it ??

  • Anything else? :)

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