Blue Eyes

There is a part of me,
drawn to you,
music like ocean calls to sand,
you've had a lot of failed lovers
take a risk
grab my hand,
but your not into me,
like I am into you,
intense longing
what am I to do,

The effort is mine
when I just want to kiss you,
our lips are full of wine
sweet dream of mine
can't compete with your past
or bridge distance,
bodies, minds
the men just want your bed
leave you in time
when I just want you to be mine

You say to your friends
I am obese,
thick to dinero love
nip and tuck it
to be more accepted,
flaws and all
maybe you'll love it
want to f- it

If I strip away your hair color
the over 40 shades of gray,
take away the botox, restilin,
b*** job illusions,
maybe you can love me
my vanity
the same

Not going to force it,
push it,
or shove it,
I am loyal
I am kind
I am loving
Cook you candle light dinners
picnics on the beach,
run water for candlelight baths
rough, gentle,
you could come home to me
would never worry
alway the same
friend first
than lover
bet your bitcoin,
kiss me once,
you would love it
breaking out of your shell,
opening a stubborn mind,
suspending judgement

I would be great for you
but you'll never know,
the show must go on,
stage lights dim
want to play in the dark
kiss every inch
under your clothes,
be the spark in your voice,
the ember in your eyes,
what is wet
between your sexy black boots
hebrew toned thighs,
bring us both back to life
in this pandemic

My physique may not be perfect,
but my love is un-matched
open your heart to me,
let me love you
take off your armor
take off your judgements
take off your tah
let me love you
skin to skin
in the darkenss
heat to match

think of me
when you touch it
cause my love is un-matched

Ps: Sorry about the hashtag, I had it removed. Miss you beautiful, these feeling are so surreal but there is no open line for communication. Still hearing your music in my dreams but the pull is subsiding, finally.

Jan 7

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