A visit to the art gallery leaves me bound and gagged again 3

Hi I'm Robert Durham this morning I went to the art gallery to visit my mother and while I was there I asked her if I could be ** and gagged in the basement below the art gallery again and she said why not I'm not busy and tying you up would give me something to do grab the rope , duct tape , a pair of ** , earplugs and a black hood and head down to the basement and wait for me I will be down to tie you up and gag you shortly make sure you drag a straight back wooden chair into the middle of the basement and be sitting down on the chair waiting to be ** and gagged by me and I replied yes mom and did exactly what she told me to do and 25 minutes later she finally came downstairs to the basement and immediately got to work tying me up when I suddenly asked her do i really need to be gagged and rendered deaf, dumb and blind and she said of course I need to gag you I can't have you yelling out for help when customers come to the art gallery upstairs I can't have anyone finding out that I have my own son ** and gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind now can I and she said I also have to lock the basement door as well but before I can tie you up I need to put some surgical scrubs on and some surgical gloves on my hands and I asked her what about a mask over your mouth and she said yes of course I will be putting a mask over my mouth while I'm tying you up and with that she immediately picked up some rope and got to work tying me up once the rope work to tie me up was done she said it's now time for me to gag you to keep you nice and quiet

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  • ** my ** **!

  • You are one lucky guy!

  • Oh really

  • Fucck you and fucck your lawyer. I could fit my whole fist in your rear end. I know where the male ** is, so I know which side of your recctum to tickle with my spindly **. You're gonna love it!

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