Should I be a dumb teen now because life is already flying by.

So Im 14 and I feel like I should like act out and do dumb stuff like sneaking out to hang out with friends and stuff now because I feel like now im young and everyone looks back and nothing that mattered in middle school really matters now and if I dont do stuff like that now, while I'm young I'm going to grow up and then there consciousness and stuff. I know I'm probably gonna get in trouble and yeah I'm gonna get yelled at but in 5 ten years it all this really going to matter?. and I know the world has some pretty massed up people that would do some pretty messed up things to a kid like me but I'm not an idiot I know to have a pocket knife going alone at night and to avoid people and dont do drugs and stuff like that. I just want to get out there and feel alive for once.

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