Im addicted to sniffing panty liners

Long ago i found out girls use pantyliners more for wetness and not period blood cause they are small. I unrolled one in a female roomaes restroom andwhen I saw it was wet and smelled strongly like puss, I couldnt help but to m********* while smelling it . now I go into public womens restrooms when no one is looking and dig them out ofthe stall trash can , I dont care what the girls looks like cause obviously i have no clue. Ive smelled so many different vadges and cant stop , and cant tell anyone i know irl

Jan 15

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  • I’ve done this for years…started with my mom’s growing up. She was an open door bathroom mom, so early on I knew where panty liners went but once I discovered that smell, taste, and discharge stains from rubbing on her down there in her panties all day I was hooked. I daily would lick, smell, m********* on her stained smelly liners. After I grew up I knew to check the bathroom cans of every woman’s house I visited to see if they wore liners 😋 not many do these days it seems, but still get to explore their hampers for their smelly dirty stained panty crotches, their cabinets for what feminine products they use (props to find birth control pills 🥳 I usually pop a key pill out and flush it hoping it might get them off cycle and they’ll get accidentally pregnant, so naughty and exciting 😈, I’ve c** on BCP, toothbrushes, in lotions, too), check their drawers for what kinds of panties, bras, lingerie, w**** wear, they choose and king of finds, the s** toy box! “Hidden” so well in either panty drawer or bedside table drawer. (My friends wife has a very thick large double headed dlldo she keeps in her bedside table that appears well used, messy, and seemingly never washed…I lick and suck on it pretty routinely)

  • Ok u are a per!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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