Peeing pants

I've always enjoyed peeing my pants, or just peeing in inappropriate places, and I used to do it now and then, discreetly. Now, I'm 7 months pregnant and have gained a lot of weight, so I look huge. I started to think, wow, I could pee my pants, blame it on the pregnancy, and get away with it. So, I do. I make sure to drink plenty of water, then go out to a store or wherever, and when I have to pee, I just let go and empty my whole bladder, then go Ooops, it's cause I'm pregnant...sorry, I couldn't help it. And everyone is nice and consoling and say don't worry about it. The best yet was yesterday at Macy's, I was at the register paying for a new (bigger) outfit and had a very full bladder, and just let go. I SOAKED the carpet right at the register. It was great. The manager came over, and was like, oh, come here, dear, can I get you something to cover up with, and so on. Then they had to close the register cause there was no place for customers to stand while checking out. LOL. I love it. Peeing your pants is the best feeling in the world.

Jan 26, 2021

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  • Excellent! I love watching videos of girls doing that in public places. Back in the days before cameras were everywhere.. I would pee in the changing rooms just for fun..

  • Ahahah pee away!!

  • Thanks

  • Moral decency going out the window! If people knew the TRUTH they would not pander to your silly needs.

  • F uck moral decency!. The thing is, they don't know the truth, LOL. Most important, I'm ENJOYING IT. Even my husband is into it.

  • It’s common. An old girlfriend used to pee in hotel rooms before we left.

  • Well, the p*** is on you!

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