I love dressing up slutty and picking men up

I love getting dressed up knowing guys are looking at me.sometimes i would wear mini skirts with a blouse or my short dresses with my cleavage showing and making sure they can see im wearing stockings and suspenders,it doesn't matter where i go i always end up ** someone,most recently i was walking around in the supermarket 10:00 o'clock in the morning looking ** and looked up to see my nephew luke staring with his mouth open he's never seen me dressed like that before,I know he is my nephew but ive never had that reaction from any man before,I left my basket and headed towards him and whispered in his ear i know you what me follow me if you want to turn your fantasy into reality and walked out with him behind me,I didn't no if he ever did ** over me i was just guessing but in my car on the way home i soon found out he has many times when he's watched me, watched me i asked yeah if you're getting undressed i peak in from the door or if you're getting ** i get up on the roof and watch, hearing all that i couldn't wait any longer i parked up in a lane next to a restaurant, putting my seat back had my leg hanging out the window and didn't need to ask him he pulled down his jeans taking them off and wow he's got a massive **,as i was waiting rubbing my slit i asked him if that's mine oh yeah it's yours he finally got his jeans off and was on top off me,I've been with so many guys mostly around 6 inches or a little more and wasn't prepared for my nephew's size,I screamed when he thrusted his full length in to me all 9 inches i was pinned i tried to tell him to slow down and take it easy but over and over he slammed his ** into me,my leg was shacking that much out the window my high heel came off,it all happened in less than a minute and he **,he apologized for finishing to quickly while still ** and all i could do was to tell him he was amazing i had to i didn't want him to feel disappointed.when he got back into his seat i asked him how does he feel with what we just done me being his auntie i don't care if you're my aunt just wait until we get back to your house,it's been 4 weeks of great ** and some may not believe this but while i was on top riding him i was talking filthy like i done before but this time i slipped in the names of other family members his sister's my daughter who is 16 oh yeah i would ** her ive wanked off over her too and she knows it because she saw me, finding out that my daughter stayed and watched him i had the feeling she would be interested in more than just watching, asking her about seeing him masturbating she said she couldn't look away and that she felt ashamed for wanting to go in the room with him,I told her then that he's upstairs asleep in my bed and we have been sleeping together,she didn't believe me until she saw for herself,I thought that's all what would happen then we go back downstairs but no as she was just behind me i went to turn around and she was **,I was looking at my daughter completely naked and she said to me it's a big one and goes into my room and starts sucking on his **,soon enough he wakes up and sees who it is,I wasn't going to be left out and joined in,we shared his ** taking turns in sucking him off like two ** teenagers,my daughter suddenly stops and moved on top of him im in a position where i can see everything she's jerking him off then lifts herself up hovering over him and lowers herself down, only taking half his **,I could she what she wanted to do was start bouncing up and down so i held his ** for her,I told him not to thrust up and hurt her,hold his shaft i felt every time he was pumping her full of **, with my hand where it was it was covered in his **,we both share him now it's not disgusting like some will think.

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Old guys are pervs...

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  • And I would be happy to hold a woman's hand after a date. Wow see how different people are

  • Where does it say she ** 8 guys a day??

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