Old guys are pervs...

I came out as openly gay to everyone last summer. I am only 16. My dad wasn't thrilled about it but he has accepted it. When word got out that I was gay I started noticing that SO MANY of the older guys around me were treating me different. Neighbors, dads friends, my friends dads and even a teacher all seem sexually interested in me. They have flirted with me, some hit one me and my dads close friend actually came right out and asked me to suck his d***. What about me being gay turns on these older guys?

Jan 18

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  • I was not gay, but at 13, my friend had s** with me. After that, it was like I was a magnet for older men. I was not aggressive or looking for confrontation. My parents taught me to respect my elders and do whatever they tell me or else. So, I did.

    Mom did not help as she told her male friends to spank me if I did not listen. They knew I was spanked naked and used that as a way to do things to me. After the first time, tons of guys took advantage of that knowledge. They bowled together, camping, etc. My mom even watched them do it to me telling me I deserved it.

  • Use it to your advantage. When I was a teen boy a neighbor used to pay me for s**. He was much older and rich. I made out like a bandit while doing something I enjoyed.

  • Heck try and enjoy it. I am gay and now in my 20's. Some of the hottest s** I ever had was with a teacher/coach in high school. All 4 years he f***** me every chance he could get me alone. It was great!

  • You are young and seem new to this world of gay/bisexual men. It is a sub culture in society focused on hooking up and cruising (meeting in public randomly at hot spots to initiate s** acts). Men who people think are straight more often than not never were completely and are more bisexual. These men are very sexually active and look for opportunities. Most are discreet and look for their chance to initiate something with you. The fact that they know you're gay is what is driving them because they are not out and want to be discreet. If you never "acted" gay before coming out they probably had no idea and therefore never tried to initiate something with you because they risked revealing that they are gay or bisexual. As you are now out and continue on this lifestyle you will meet all sorts of guys. But to be honest, most are looking for s** and mess around with a lot of guys (and women if they're bisexual). Guys are visual and many have insatiable desires for s**. Depending on what you're looking for just don't do something you don't want to do and associate with people and dating sites where the type of person you want to meet is there as well. There are many sites and apps out there for a variety of what you are looking for, be selective in what you want.

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