Getting the belt

I’m 19 and still living at home with my mom and stepdad who believe in corporal punishment for any age child still living at home. I’m currently not able to afford my own place although I’m trying to. My mom tells my step dad something every couple weeks which he deems direct disobedience which is cause for him to take me downstairs to a spare bedroom in our basement and make me completely disrobe and lay face down on the twin bed In this room that nobody is permitted to be in except when being punished and he removes his leather belt, folds it in half and snaps it multiple times before giving me 10-20 searing licks across my bared bottom and upper legs.

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  • I have a love/hate relationship with pain. I’ve had the belt, cane, and all sorts of whips, even a rattan carpet beater. 🤔😢

  • Don't you have a boyfriend? If so why isn't your stepdad in a wheelchair?

  • I use a doubled over usb lead on my gf. Leaves beautiful welts.

  • I enjoy giving my wife and kids the cane. My wife submits as she is submissive. She also will report misbehaving by the kids for me to use the rod of correction.

  • I was corporal punished until I left home at 23 but never on the bare. I have a fascination with spanking and I know all over the internet people talk about on the bare but I have never met anyone in real life who was spanked on the bare. Even in kink clubs and munches. They might say they were spanked but I have not yet met anyone who was spanked bare ever.

  • Does it give you an **?

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