My 8th grade bus driver made going to school wood in my pants

It was the first day of school 8th grade. I got on the bus and sat in the back with my friends. My bus stop was the 2nd to last so the bus was packed. My friends and I always sat in the back of the bus because that is where the cool people sat. I never ever sat up in the front of the bus. We thought it was cool to see in the back over the rear wheels so when the bus hit a bump you would go airborne. I didn't even notice the bus driver until I got off the bus at school. As I got off the school bus s*** got real. I was the last person to exit and I paused and said hi to the bus driver and thank you. I had to say something she was the first female bus driver I had who was young in her mid 20's and pretty. All of a sudden I noticed something that would play a major role in my whole life. My eyes locked onto her foot on the brake pedal. What is this I could not believe my eyes. She had no shoes on her barefoot was resting on the brake pedal and her toes were painted red. A powerful rush of euphoria over came me. I lost my senses for a moment as glee overwhelmed my body my heart rate increased and it felt like I lost my breath. I heard the question she asked me and I had to force myself to respond. My eyes still locked on her barefoot it was absolute eye candy. I responded to her question with "my name is Sean" she said "that's a nice name same as my brother, how do you spell that sean, Shawn or Sean." I forced my eyes away from staring at her foot on the brake pedal and looked at her and spelled my name S E A N. Nice that is how my brother spells his name she remarked. I added that my mother named me after her favorite actor Sean Connery. She said "her mother named her brother after Sean Connery as well" She reached her hand out to shake my hand I grabbed her hand and she said " Nice to meet you Sir, you seem like a really nice guy why don't you sit upfront and keep me company. I looked back down at her foot on the brake pedal I did not mean to it was instinct I could not resist. She lifted her foot off the brake pedal and said " What is it something on my" She squeezed her toes down and rest her foot on the floor. I said the most stupid thing "No nothing umm how do you drive barefoot? " She took a moment to respond but she lifted her foot up and placed it on the gas pedal. She said "Its easy for me to drive barefoot I feel the pedal better without shoes, I always drive barefoot, I'll show you you sit up front when you get on after school and i'll show you how I do it. Are you going to sit up front in that first seat this afternoon?
Yes Ma'am I responded as I walked off the bus. I sure will I can't wait. "She said Alright buddy I shall see you later then. I made it to my first period class and my mind was stuck on cloud 9. I was on another level the whole day. Everyone was talking about what they did over the summer and I sat quietly in my own world. I had a visual locked in my head of my bus drivers right foot going from the floor to the gas pedal but I had this crazy excitement in the back of my head. I could not wait to see that beautiful barefoot of my bus driver her pretty red toe nail polish and her perfect foot pushing down on the gas pedal. I was sitting in last period class and I looked at the clock it was about 20 minutes until the bell and I had butterflies in my stomach it was excitement with a nervous feeling going through my body. The Bell rang and I did not waste anytime. I was on a mission I moved with speed as fast as I could walk without running. I was the first student to get on the bus. The bus driver was not on the bus she was talking to another bus driver and they stood outside the other bus talking. I noticed her turn her head as I got on the bus. I sat right up in the first row on the right the other side would be directly behind the driver I was to the right. I noticed my bus driver she had her hair styled typical for the 80s she had on Capri style pants with a button up shirt and she had on these brown shoes sandal like style. I can't really remember exactly what they looked like but a few moments later she climbed on the bus and took her seat behind the wheel.
She said "Mr Sean how was school" It was good am just glad its over. A couple students started boarding the bus not to many most wait until the last moment and load up. I heard the other buses starting their engines. My bus driver followed she put her foot on the gas pedal still had her shoe on I was wondering if she was going to take it off. She turned the key and the engine started to crank over a few seconds she pushed her foot down on the gas pedal and the engine roared to life. She held a little pressure with her foot on the gas pedal and the engine idled up a little bit. After a minute she released the gas pedal and the engine idled down and she turned her head and looked right at me. She had a smile on her face. She said " I slip my shoe off its just feels better and she placed her barefoot on the gas pedal and gave it a couple revs while looking at me. I got the hardest erection I ever had with pants on. It was so hard I felt a little bit uncomfortable. She said " I have to feel that gas pedal here under my foot" Some of the other bus drivers rev the bus engine harder than others. Some of the buses are older some are gas others are diesel. My erection was so hard in my pants I felt it throbbing. I asked her " How hard can you rev the engine? " She pushed her barefoot down on the gas pedal and gave it a couple long harder than normal revs. Her barefoot looked so sexy to me when she did that. I felt my erection leak out some c** into my underwear. She responded with " I rev it how hard I need to so its good" I said " i love the way it sounds when you revved it harder! It sounds good."
The ride home was a glory ride. I got off the bus and I ran home I told everyone some story that I had to get home quick to record something with the VCR for my mom. I lied. I ran home and immediately jerked off I never c** so hard in my life. Everyday was a good day I did fall in love with this bus driver. Lots more happened but that is another story!.

Jan 19

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  • So this is probably going to lead to some weird foot fetish story..

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