My wife likes to wear revealing clothes

Whenever my wife and I got out she wears the most revealing clothes she can find. If we go out to bars she gets so much attention from other men. It really bothers me but she says it makes her feel sexy knowing other men find her attractive. She constantly flirts back with guys that hit on her even if I am there with her. Last weekend we went to a club and she wore a miniskirt with a top that showed lots of cleavage. At one point I went to the bathroom and when I came back she was grinding with some guy on the dance floor. He had his hands all over her and she had hers all over him. I was furious. I cut in and let her know I wasn't happy. She told me she was just having fun.

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  • Just leave her because clearly she's not listening your concerns nor even try to meet you halfway

  • Relax and let her enjoy the attention shes getting just make some ground rules. Enjoy the fact that guys want her but shes going home with you. Let her explore her exhibitionist side,

  • You need to spice things up my man. Your wife is looking for excitement in other places. If you keep complaining about it, she might just leave you. Talk dirty to her and find out what new experiences she wants to try. And f*** all these guys that are calling you a little b****, their wife might not be as hot as yours.

  • If you wanna know what she really thinks ask her if she wants s** with other men. She will deny it at first. But if the little voice in your head is convinced that she does just say if she wants you will go along with it. You will find out pretty quick.

  • My wife and I love to go out to a couple of bars that appreciate the fact that my wife wears extremely revealing clothes and NO underwear. They also know she will eventually get naked and mingle with the customers and exchange groping . I LOVE IT ...and I always take her home !

  • I agree. Quit being a whiney little b**** and enjoy your sexy wife! There will be many years in your later life when you will wish she were so sexy!

  • Quit being a whiney little b**** and enjoy your sexy wife. Maybe she'll then pay more attention to you.

  • Maybe there's something she needs that you can't provide. Nothing wrong with that. Just open a dialog with her. Talk to her about what her needs and desires. And your own, of course. There is a responsible, adult way to go about this kind of thing. It doesn't have to end up in a big stupid fight and jealousy and hurt feelings.

  • Mate I know why u need a bigger d*** thats why she was grinding she was feeling if the gjy had a bigger d*** than u

  • Just get straight to the point, Ask her Do you want another man and or a 3 way action? She sounds like she wants to spark up the action and so I would give her a taste of her own medication something is a miss here.... She wants more than what shes saying.... Good Luck with this Hot to trot!

  • Let her get all revved up flirting and then take her home and enjoy the benefits.

    Talk about what all those guys wanted to do to her and then do those things to her

  • Can you tell me the names of the places she goes and maybe send me a pic of her?

  • Enjoy your upcoming divorce.

  • LOL. Totally right!

  • Sounds like she may want to Cuckold you dude. You need to have a deep conversation with her. Do you satisfy her sexually? If not, she may be looking to attract someone who won't care if you're upset that he's grinding on your wife in front of you. I'd keep an eye on her if I were you.

  • She's insecure, so she looks for attention in the wrong places. She probably also likes that it makes you mad/jealous. Guarantee if you had your hands and flirting with other women, she would not be happy. Maybe stop going to the clubs...

  • Do you think she is cheating on you anyway?? sounds like she wants other men's attention better than yours and sees nothing morally wrong with that.You have your hands full bro good luck

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