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I have a thing for myself. Secretly, I enjoy my own company, my own thoughts and If I could, would videotape my day with comments to show others how enjoyable my thought life compliments what I encounter.
I am a little bit of a show off personality but never really had anything to impress others with so I decided to impress myself.
I am my best company. I am in great company. Wherever I go, I am with me watching and interacting with the outside. Only I know what I went through, my progress and life. Society tells me this is wrong and that I should have a heart for others but I find myself giving myself smiles in glaring windows as I pass by, enjoying some bubbly with myself, laugh for hours talking to myself and enjoying the company, coming up with one word labels for people only I understand and throwing it into the mix in conversation to see them choke on the meaning and glorify myself... just to see they are inferior. It makes me happy. Sometimes I flat out lie to people and play games and have a different personality among others and then see how things go.
I sincerely like myself.
I picture myself dead one day in the everlasting grave with myself-forever and ever, and I know its not possible, but I would like to reflect on all these little things that occur as if it were filmed. Just sit back and enjoy the show for one-me and myself. I dont need possessions, I have me. I am my greatest possession!

Next Confession

Im young. i know dont judge

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  • That’s a little different. I haven’t heard of this before. Maybe a little sociopathic but hey you sound like you don’t hurt others so that seems ok. Do you!

    Three questions:
    1) are you male or female?
    1) do you ** looking at the mirror (serious question)
    2) do you ever get lonely being all by yourself?

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