Mind blowing experience

We decided to try a 3sum and I am so glad we did. We are young college students and wanted to try it both ways, with a girl and a guy.
Of course the fastest and easiest to arrange was with another guy. This might sound strange but the logical choice was my boyfriends best friend (Randy). I actually dated Randy in high school and we all get along great. Of course he said yes.
Well it finally happened. Everything was going great and I was on cloud 9 with two guys pleasuring me. I was prepared at some point that the guys would want to double penetrate me and was fully willing to try. That time came. I was riding my boyfriend when Randy got in behind me. I really enjoyed his finger and the lubing part, but when he actually tried to enter my ass he was too big and it didn't work out. Then Randy did something that took me by surprise. He started pushing his c*** into my p****! While my boyfriend was still in there! God I felt so full and when they started f****** in a rhythm I could not believe the pleasure. It felt so good I was shaking. I didn't think it could get any better, but I was wrong. Suddenly my boyfriend stiffened up and I felt his c*** pulsing as he emptied inside me. Randy went into overdrive and in just a minute he unloaded. I was a ragdoll just laying on my boyfriends chest. Neither of them moved, they just held their c**** inside me. Finally Randy pulled out and I rolled over onto my back. I knew I looked awful. Sweaty and not to mention the huge mess between my legs. I got up, went into the bathroom and quickly wiped down with a towel. When I came back our Randy had left.
Me and my boyfriend started talking about what just happened. Talking about it got us hot and led to us making out. He tried to go down on me and I squirmed away telling him that I hadn't cleaned up down there. I was shocked when he said he didn't care. It was so hot having him lick my p**** knowing it was full of Randy's c**!

Jan 21

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