Why does she try so hard.

My older cousin is 5 years older than me and ever since I was 16 she has been pushing and pushing for me and her younger sister to hook up with her friends, Like all of them, She is super popular and when their parents go away they always have people over and it never fails that she starts trying to talk us into doing the stuff she does, getting naked in the hot tub, Flashing, and hooking up with her friends, First of all it shouldnt be happening most of them are her age or older and we are both under 18.
It just turns out embarrassing and now everyone in town knows hat goes on and our reputations are trash, I should not hav a body count of 36 before my 18th birthday, 30 guys and 6 girls is exessive, My cousin (Her sister)'s body count was 20 by 16, 32 by 17 and now almos 18 she is at 39, 33 guys and the same 6 girls and she allowed a group of her guy friends (5) to go in the room with her, she won't talk about it but it's pretty obvious what went on, She just shrugs and says "Meh, It was ok".
My older cousin is no different, She has been with all of them too but she pushes us to do it in front of other people and then she goes and does it in her room. Why does she just want all her friends to treat us like that?????

Jan 21

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