You can get too high

Turns out that there is a limit to how much weed you can ingest. Not to overdose but to get to a point where it doesn't affect you anymore. The lockdown has been tough and my marijuana habit got out of hand as I dealt with extreme boredom. I had to stop smoking and vaping because it was hurting my lungs. So, I turned to edibles where I eventually ended up eating an entire gram of THC in one sitting but still didn't experience much of a high. For reference, it takes about 10 mg to get a novice a bit high and 100mg to obliterate most people. I actually blew-out my THC receptors. The only way to counteract this was to stop using for a few days and that sucked.
Anyway, if anyone out there says you can't get too can. You can get so high that you won't get high anymore.

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