I'm nearly 70 and I took a high school biology test.

There were thirty-five questions and I only missed four of them. I graduated high school in 1965. I didn't do that well in biology in high school and it bothers me that this test I took fifty-one years after I left high school was so easy I could pass it.

Has school been dumbed down that much?

Sep 25, 2016

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  • Has anyone considered, that maybe the OP found the biology test easier, because he's older, possibly wiser and knowledgeable on many subjects, due to personal pursuits or/and life experience.Maybe that's why, he past the test.

  • It's a bit of both. Re-read your last sentence before suggesting we haven't been dumbed down over the years. If you find nothing wrong, don't breed.

  • Well done. Celebrate the win.

  • There is a more-complicated answer, but the easy answer -- and the correct one -- is "yes". School has had to be reduced to accommodate (hold onto your high school math pants) the lowest common denominator. See if you can guess how low that is fifty years after you left high school. It's disgusting.

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