o god

my best friend always fawns over his cats- he thinks their sooooo special. They're NOT. They're fat and ugly. They're JUST cats- but not to this h***. I pretend to like them but really...they're just nasty annoying cats. Nasty! I want to slap him every time he talks about how 'special' and unique they are. They aren't. I know he's attached to them but they're just F****** CATS.

Ok, so I'm a dog person. But still.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • homos love thier cats- and its annoying. this is the best confession ever because it's F****** TRUE.

  • Homos also love to whine about their "best friends", because they desperately want to be girls and girls always talk s*** about their BFFs. Speaking of that, just how closeted are YOU?

  • And also, it's not b*********. To fawn is to "To seek favor by flattery and obsequious behavior." or "To exhibit affection or attempt to please."

    Sorry for the Double post

  • He is a god pet owner, there is nothing wrong with that. I have many pets, and I love them all. If he rants, ask him politely to stop, or explain nicely that the cats aren't your favorite thing in the world. Also, I do hope you relies by saying
    "but not to this h***"
    You said
    "but not to this equal"

  • Hey first commenter.

    b********* isn't harmless....
    not to the animal. sicko.

  • Not much of a best friend for you to be talking all this s*** about him.

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