I got whacked by a racist neighbour

My neighbour opposite who was a cat lady died 2 years ago. Her teenage daughter & her sister neglect the cats, and some of them have been coming to our house for food ever since. We don't mind that, but there is one female cat of theirs that is vicious to our cats. She would jump on our cats and scratch them to monopolise the food. Plus she keeps giving birth to loads of kittens and dumps them in our garden. She tried a few times monopolising our cats' igloos by dumping her kittens there. One of our female cats left because she kept being bullied by this nasty cat.

We now have 5 cats and what with the nasty cat bringing her 3 kittens it's all getting too much. So on Friday I took the kittens in a box and gave them to the woman opposite. She said she didn't want them, and I told her that we have 5 cats and we won't be able to manage 8 in the garden. Anyway, the mother of the kittens is her late sister's cat.

On Sunday the woman opposite dumped the kittens in the same box I gave her, outside our gate. So I came to her asking her as to why she did that to me. She said, her female cat is in my garden most of the time, so she might as well dump the kittens there. I asked her again why. Why dump them in our garden? Knowing full well you can't just dump cats outside your neighbour's house, especially this street where I live, where most people complain about cats. I wanted her true answer. She got all shirty and she came up with this: "I can do whatever I want to you..." the rest of the sentence was her mumbling about not doing it to other neighbours. She couldn't look at me in the eye when she said that. Basically she was saying she didn't give a damn about my feelings because I'm only a foreigner.

I said to her that this cat is her late sister's. She said that her sister is 6 feet under and told me to speak to her instead. I felt cold inside and got angry at the same time, and I said that that woman was her sister, not mine. She screamed like a mad woman & slammed the door hard in front of me.

Then I saw one of the kittens wandering in the street so I picked it & put it back in the box. The woman saw it and she came to the door, open it and started screaming at me behind the grill. I banged the grill in a temper, and she poked me at my arm and started whacking me with her cane (she's not old, just extremely obese she waddles) . I grabbed her cane in defense, I tried to take it from her. I wasn't thinking of hurting her. Her niece appeared, and after a while she started screaming. As if her aunt was the victim. There was another woman behind the door witnessing everything but done nothing.

Her screaming attracted another neighbour's attention - an old bat who is their ally. She started shouting at our direction, interfering. I left. As I was walking to my house I heard the obese monster calling me names and saying I was doing I this and that. It's been 3 days I don't feel like going to the garden to see this hateful neighbourhood. It's obvious my neighbour are ignoring me because of the incident. I asked my husband to take some pictures of my bruised arm just in case. I don't think I'll ever make a police report though, as we foreigners know, the police will be on the side of the locals regardless. Malaysians are a hateful nation. They hate foreigners with a passion, it's well-known.Can't wait to get out of this hole.

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