My boyfriend doesn't know me...

I don't like blink 182, I'm not a vegetarian, and I hate cats. He thinks I love blink and cats, and that I hate meat... I didn't tell him I don't, because he just assumed. Now I'm afraid that if he knows, he won't love me the same...

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  • just tell him the truth. if he loves you he'll accept you, if not - find a different man. you are worth loving for you and you shouldnt have to change to fit someones image

  • People always present a better view of themselves when they first start dating someone, so your probably really isn't all that unique. Its not lies, we just, you know, act like better or different versions of ourselves at first. Over time as we get comfortable in the relationship, we let our true selves show. The truth is, he has probably presented some "better" version of himself to you to, and you'll probably find out somethings about him that you were unaware of too. You don't have to start with a big confession about who you truly "are", just start being yourself. Love is built on more than just superficial preferences, so if there is something real there, you shouldn't have to worry that he's going to dump you once he realizes you think Blink-182 is like listening to a roomful of babies wailing.

  • Lies are a tough way to start a relationship. You need to slowly dig your way out of that, not all at once with a grand confession. He'll just wonder what else you're lying about. Tell him you occasionally like meat, then work your way up to the meat lovers pizza. Say little about cats and act indifferent when around them. You can suffer the blink thing and move away from that because musical tastes do change.

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