A step too far.

My wife brought something up that I thought was long behind us, Last night we were fighting and she looked at me and said "Oh yeah, Makes sense, Basically the same as the time you f***** my sister", All I could do was stand and stare at her, She said "Nothing to say about that?", After a pause I said "Really?, 14 years later you want to bring that up, Ok, Ok, Let's talk about that", So rather than explain the whole fight I will just tell the story.
I had been with my wife for 5 years, Married 3 and things were good, My wife is now 43, Her (Half) sister is 33, They look quite similar with her sister being 6" taller and bustier. My wife and her sister are very close even after this since she bames it all on me and I think her sister goes along with it to just keep the peace with her sister.
Anyway we were at the pool bar after a full day of sun and sand and a steady flow of booze, We went to the roof top pool and since it was a perfect beach day we were the only ones there except the bar tender, The pool has one side with a glass wall and we were sitting on that side, My wife and her sister jumped in the pool and were messing around pressing their butts up to the glass and the they both leaned on the edge of the pool drinking which put the front of their bodies up against the glass. I had taken more than a couple long looks and then my wife leaned over the side and looked, Scrunched up her face and then playfully giggled and slid back into the pool, My wife then pulled one side of her top down flashing me a b*** which then led to a little playfulness with my wife and her sister again pressing their butts to the glass and then squeezing their b**** together under the water in front of the glass.
After a bit we all wandered back downstairs and had more drinks at the pool, Went to the room and changed and then when we were in the room my wife commented on me checking out her sister, But not an angry comment, She said "Sooo...?", I said "Sooo...?", She said "Nice...Scenery today?", I laughed, Shrugged and said "What can I say", She laughed and we went down meeting everyone else for supper, More drinks at supper and then at the lobby bar, After the "Older" folks went to bed Me, My wife, My wife's sister and her cousin and husband went and got bathing suits on and went to the pool bar.
After the pool bar it was somewhere around 2:00 and Me, My wife and her sister went upstairs, My wife offered her sister a drink so she said "Yes" and came into our room, Everyone was pretty tipsy and feeling free and happy, Comments were made about her sisters chest size and then somehow she ended up putting on one of my wife's bikini tops and turned around. Thre was b**** squishing out everywhere, One nip half sticking out and her cleavage was all pushed up together and we wee all laughing.
My wife started going downhill faster and stood up, Stumbled to the bathroom and her sister and I stayed in the main room, My wife's sister was adjusting her top still giggling and one of her b**** slipped all the way out, She laughed and wrestled it back into the top, My wife came back and she told her about it and said she needed to change because it was uncomfortable, My wife said something about "Just take it off", He sister said "You first" and my wife didn't even hesitate, She whipped her top off and then her sister just whipped hers off. I knew fully well that in the morning this was going to lead to some jealousy ad whatever but didn't care.
This whole situation got a little...Weird, Just plain weird with my wife saying somethig about "Remember what I told you earlier?", Her sister nodded her head and my wife told me to show her my c***, I was shocked, That's not at all like my wife and although I knew this was going to be a big deal the next day I stood up and dropped my trunks.
I have a big d***, I'm close to 8" with healthy girth, 14 years ago it stood up at the drop of a hat so I was already rock hard. My wife did her best Vanna white impression toward my c*** showing her sister and said "THAT...Is what a big d*** looks like", I laughed and said "What have you guys been talking about?", She told me her sister had shown her pics of her ex boyfriends d*** earlier and said it was big, My wife told her mine was way bigger and her sister didn't believe her. We both looked at her sister and she was just staring, My wife said "Go ahead, Check it out" and we all laughed, He sister looked at me and said "Holy crap" I chuckled and my wife wrapped her hand around it, Looked at her sister and said "See, My fingers don't even touch", Her siser said "Yeah but I have longer fingers" which led to my wife telling her sister to grab it and see if they touched...they didn't, If she squeezed slightly yes but not if she didnt.
So here we are, I am standing with my trunks around my ankles, My wife and her half sister are topless and her sister has my d*** in her hand. I would guess her sister was a D at the time and has gained weight since and I hink they are even bigger but regardless, D ish b**** with big, Pink nips, I am looking down and m wife stands up, Stands behind me and wraps her nad around on top of her sisters and starts to stroke my shaft. Yup, My heart about stopped and then started again beating about 450 beats a minute, My wife whispered some drunken s*** about my life long fantasy and I don't even know what happened but next thing I know I am looking down at her sister trying to stuff my d*** in her mouth.
My wife moved her hands and massaged the inside of my groin and then stumbled back and sat down, I stepped back and sat beside her and her sister never missed a beat, She followed me with her hand still on my d*** and shuffled in between my knees and kept sucking me, My wife was watching her sister and watching me then she leaned in and sucked my nipple, I slid my hand in the back of her bikini bottoms and slid my finger in her, She grabbed my arm and pulled my hand away and then I just kept it on her back, The whole time her sister is sucking like she's possessed, She was going fast and stroking hard and then she would lean back, Gasp and take a couple breaths and then go back to sucking.
Right in the middle my wife sits up, Slaps my leg and then stands up and walks away, I'm watching her stumble to the bathroom and her sister stops and watches her, I had no clue what to do but she went in and swung the door half closed behind her and I just put my hand on the back of her sisters head and she went back to sucking. I didn't want to stop but her sister leaned back and said "Oh f***, My jaw hurts", I stood her up right in front of me and pulled her bottoms down and she looked toward the bathroom door, I looked at her and she looked at me and I said "It's fine, Trust me".
My wife's siter was bald, Not a single hair anywhere, Pink lips, Just a little bit of inner lips sticking out, and she stepped out of her bottoms and straddled my lap, She was sliding up and down the length of my shaft pressing it against my stomach and would slide ll the way forward until it almost went in and then slide back down, She had her hands on my shoulders and I had mine on her hips, I pulled her the little bit extra forward and lifted my hips to the right angle and pressed my k*** against her hole, She was so wet and had been sliding up and down me so I was wet and she pressed her hips down, She tensed up and I said "It's ok, Relax", She gasped and moaned a little as just the tip squeezed in, I couldn't believe how tight she was, She laid her head on my shoulder and she was wincing nad going "Oh, Ah, Oh, Careful".
Her soft voice whispering to me made me want to just hold her hips and hammer it deep in her but I knew that would end it all so I slowly just rocked her hips for her and tried applying more pressure, She was groaning "Aaahhhggoooood" and then she stood up and said "I...I can't", I stood up and put my hands on her hips then turned her and pushed her onto her back on the couch, She spread her legs and I licked her, She tasted good, A mix of perfect p****, Sunscreen and sweat, I slid a finger in her and she arched her back and gasped, I kept doing that for a couple minutes and then got on top of her and worked my k*** back in her, She was a bit more relaxed and I was able to work her up to where she had a couple inches working in and out of her bald little p****, She tensed up and her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned as she came all over my c*** and the couch, I was surprised at how much she came and she got a little embarrassed but I kept going.
After a little of that and she had relaxed even more I rolled her onto her stomach, One leg off the bed on the floor and her body on the couch, I grabbed her little ass and spread her cheeks, She had a little pink bum hole, Just perfect and pink and bald, I wanted to slam my d*** in it but I knew that was not an option so I rubbed my k*** on her wet puss and got it back in, she whipered "Oh god yes, F*** me gentle, Be gentle", I was as deep as I could get, About half way in and she was moaning when the bathroom door opened up, My wife stumbled out and looked completely trashed, She stumbled past, glanced at us and and just went to the bed, Flopped down and passed out.
She had already came twice when I came the first time so I pulled out and came a huge load on her ass and back, She moaned "Oh god yes, that's so hot", I didn't even let her contemplate what was happeneing before I slid it back in her and she gasped and I just kept going, I rolled her oto her back again, Started kissing her and playing with her t***, We went on and on and I came in her twice. The next morning my wife woke up, Looked at me, Bursts into tears and here we are.

Jan 24

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