My final termination story.

This friend of mine had a job and he made some mistakes. The head of HR who was his ministers wife fired him. He drove the church bus.

Leaving the company after a brief argument the angry friend of mine put in a two weeks notice quitting his church bus driving position. This put the Minister in a bind. He knew of no one else who would drive the bus. The minister tried to talk him out of quitting. It didn't work.

While driving the bus for the final two weeks my friend also quit attending services. This also caused tongues to wag. After the time was up my friend never set foot on church grounds again. The minister had no one to drive the bus.

This caused a lot of problems. Some elderly church goers could not attend services. The church bus also took under privileged children to movies and other church sponsored activities.

Finally another driver was found and things were once more on an even keel with my friends former church.

I often wonder if my friends anger was justified or if he actually did anything wrong. He did give a notice and in an effort to distance himself from his former employer aka the Ministers wife he left the church. An over reaction? Or was he just wanting to forget the very unpleasant incident of being fired. Had he stayed he would have seen his former HR head every week.

He has another job closer to home and making a bit more money.

Jan 26

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  • The wife should have talked to the minister, (her husband) before firing anyone.

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