The night she drank too much

It's been about 3 years ago now, but my wife and I were at a family friend's house for a party. There were probably 20 or more people there and everyone was drinking. It was outside, because it was summer and my wife was wearing shorts and a halter top, as was other women. I guess it was about 9"30 when the lady of the house came to me and told me that my wife was getting pretty high and thought maybe she needed to lie down for awhile. She and I took my wife into the house and into one of their spare bedrooms. I removed her shoes and we laid her on the bed. She fell asleep almost immediately, so we turned the light off and pulled the door closed.
I guess it was about an hour and a half later, some of the people were leaving, so I decided to go check on her. As I entered the room, I noticed that she was still asleep, but her shorts and panties were laying on the bed beside of her. I got her awake and told her to get dressed, so we could go home. She was in much better shape then, so she put her panties and shorts on and slipped her shoes on and we went outside. About a half hour later, we left and came home.
I asked her why she removed her shorts and panties and to my surprise, she told me that she did not remember taking them off, but thought we must have when we brought her into the bedroom.
It was a couple days later, she came to me and said that she had something to tell me. The night of the party, she said that while she was in the bedroom, she was out of it, but at one time, she thought she felt someone tugging at her shorts, but than didn't remember any more than just that. That's when the surprise came. After we got home that night and she went to the bathroom, she said that she noticed that her panties were soaked and it wasn't pee. She said it was definitely a man's c** in her panties and did not know when it happened or who it was. Neither of us had any idea of who it could have been, but a couple years prior to this party, she had a hysterectomy, so we knew she didn't get pregnant.
Well, a couple years or more have passed now and I just tell her that she maybe missed out on enjoying a good f*** and we just laugh about it now. What else can we do? It happened and now, it's history. If she had been awake, she might have enjoyed it, but that is one time that she just missed out, because of too much to drink.

Jan 30

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  • The same thing happened to me "several" times. Unlike your wife it was my fault. My husband left me when I was 38 years old and I fell apart. I started drinking a liter bottle of vodka a day. I blacked out frequently and don't remember most days.
    Since there was no adult supervision my 2 teenage sons always had a crowd of boys at the house. Several times I woke up in the same position as your wife. No clothes on and positive someone had had s** with me. In my condition it could have been far worse than I know. After I came to my senses I just prayed the incidents didn't involve my sons.

  • What the f*** do you mean 'no adult supervision'? You are the adult you dumb s***.

  • Wow, it seems that maybe you were f***** by young guys about the age of your sons. I hate to say this, but if your sons never f***** you, I bet there were times when they watched some of their friends f*** you. If he had crowds of boys over at times when this happened, it's possible that several of them took turns enjoying your passed out p****. Please tell me if you think this ever happened and how many do you think might had done that to you on any given day.

  • After I got sober I NEVER brought up the issue with my sons. I hope they weren't involved in any way. I started limiting the boys who were allowed to come around. Even with that I very much noticed how some of the boys looked at me and a couple even openly flirted. As for the possibility more then one boy took advantage when I was passed out it is possible. Sometimes I was very dirty down there when I came to.

  • Honey, I can assure you your boys were having lots of fun with you :)

  • Honey, when guys are young and h****, with available p**** there with them, I bet there have been times when several of them shot their c** between your legs. My wife and I were in an open relationship before Covid came out, but that is behind us now. If I had a way to text you privately, I could tell you a lot more. I bet you and I could enjoy texting each other, so let me know something.

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