Soren: Ballet Boy Confessions

Call me Soren. Not my real name. I was thinking, no matter how many times people try to break gender stereotypes, there are just certain things girls can do that boys can't. Boy shouldn't want to take Ballet... But I've wanted to for a long time. Traditionalists would tell you that girls should take ballet while boys should play sports, or at the very least anything else.

I remember when I was a kid liking the show Angelina Ballerina. It's a good show from what I can remember. I also liked reading the Dork Diaries series. In the end, I had other things in life to distract me, like art classes. I've always had a fantasy of dressing as a girl and going down to the local dance studio and sighing up as a girl for a class. Not that I'm transgender, but because I also want to see what it's like being a girl. I know there's more to it than that, but can't a guy be curious about that at least once in his life?

I'm a weird for wanting that? For context, I'm living on my own, I'm 22, and I've got the right look and voice to do it. I would just be female version of myself to make it easier on myself. I would use the name, Suzie. I would only take the class as a hobby. Consider it roleplaying if you will. I'm thinking about doing this week. I'm so weird.

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I imagined murdering myself as a baby last night.

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  • I was always fascinated with dance teams, with their short skirts, poms, tassels, and boots. They practiced year round for sporting events and Mardi Gras parades. Those ladies had to march/dance for hours, entertaining huge crowds.

  • Soren here... Yes, I know that. I thought this through. Short skirts, poms, tassels, and boots you say? Sounds cute.

  • Soren Here... The class is at the end of this week based on the flyer I have of it.

  • I say go for it.

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