I'm Straight, but just got off to a fantasy about a Gay friend

I'm straight and I've had a very close gay friend Ryan for about 3 years now. We are both in our mid 20s and met at an MBA program in a small school in New England.

We both know everything about each other including sexual histories. As an undergraduate I went though a bondage phase. I submitted to an much older woman Tracy. She was the best s** I ever had. Still hook up now and then even though she is now 50, usually after I go through a break up.

Ryan always teases me with how much better he is at bondage. He brags that he has better rope skills, restraints, toys, furniture, etc.... than Tracy. Also how much better a d*** would feel over a strap on and that he could make me c** without touching my d***. I always tease him back by leading him on and then acting naive. It's been an ongoing joke almost since we became friends. That said I'm pretty sure he would take me up on it if I gave him the opportunity.

This morning I was beating off and the image of him f****** me while I was cuffed to his "f*** bench" came into my head. I got off so hard it shocked me. Never found a man attractive and definitely never got off to one. I'm so confused and not sure what to do. I just had to tell someone so I Googled confession and found this site. Any advice is very much appreciated?

Feb 1

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  • I was dating a woman that was into the BDSM life. We experimented a lot. But, one thing was her sharing with me that she got extra excited about a man f****** another man. She had me watch gay p*** with her. She got very excited and she got me very excited by telling me that was how she wanted to take me. Of course, that led to her taking me from behind as we kept watching.

    Late, I found myself masturbating to that video, but thinking about what she did. It can be confusing, but it did not mean I wanted a man to do that. It depends on how adventurous you want to be I guess.

  • Mmmnn lucky to have a friend like that. Enjoy it I would. Turned on right now thinking about it.

  • You should try it again and see if it gets you off. Otherwise you wil always wonder!

  • I know what you mean. I am bi- married but hunger for my bulging hot neighbor and just wonder if he would use that delightful tool on my ass, hmmm!

  • I'm a heteroxesual s***** like your friend and if I were your friend and you told me about what you really feel, I would bend you over and f*** the s*** outta your ass bareback, b**** deep, and as f****** hard and fast as I can while I'm choking you, pulling your hair, spitting on your face, and stomping your head to the floor.

  • Let him f*** you its amazing

  • My college dorm room mate was gay. It worked out great. Any time I was between girls and got too h**** he was willing to help. I never went without s**.

  • Now that would be interesting to be able to select a roommate who was gay. Now that sure makes me h****!

  • What are you worried about? Go for it! The reason it sounds hot is because it is! Whether a guy is gay, straight, or bi, he has the capacity to enjoy it very much, and what you’ll find is that in no way changes who you are, it’s simply an experience. Some experiences we find we like more or less than we thought we might and the only way to know, is by experiencing it. Then we can decide how it fits into our life. You might find it to be an amazing addition to the realm of your sexual experiences. At worst, How would it be worse than picking a restaurant or dinner entree you wound up not wanting to every repeat? If you are not gay, it won’t turn you gay, if that’s what you are worried about. If you are worried about your “manliness”, consider it takes a higher man to experience such a thing and realize they are stilll every bit the man they were. Have fun!

  • You're sick. Find Jesus. He'll cure you.

  • Yummy 🤤

  • Excellent answer

  • Wow, never thought of it that way. Still trying to courage to tell him.

  • Lame. Another sexual problem on this website. Next!

  • Ikr? Probably 12 year olds with messed up minds because they have gay friends with make believe minds to pretend to play dress up HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • I thought the same thing.

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