Be careful what you wish for

My wife married me knowing I was heavily into rubber bondage and submission, and she rather enjoyed the absolute power, the total control this gave her, and learned how to exploit it to the max, while claiming she loved me and valued my willingness and ability to put her wishes, desires, even whims, unquestioningly first. Me, I was in heaven being the slave of this beautiful, sexy, ever-more dominating woman. The first five years were amazing, and then things changed, with the unexpected visit of her older brother, who found us in flagrante delicto, with me utterly helpless in rubber bondage. Turns out the pair of them had been intimately involved for years, before the marriage, and now, ruling the roost with iron hand in latex glove, there was nothing to stop her resuming her previous activity, only now she had me to share with him! So my 'experience' quickly encompassed serving him orally, about as much as her, and often while she was out shopping or visiting other relatives, with just him and me. He moved in with us, permanently, and we've been in that arrangement for the last several years now. I'm not unhappy, though I wish it were just her and me again, but they are so fulfilled, I can't see any change on the horizon!

Apr 8, 2015

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  • No man f*** leave this b****.

    She is sick, and obviously you are too.


  • Does he f*** you, like a b****?

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