I Think I May Be Insane

My nephew began giving me love notes when he was nine. I just thanked him and gave him a kiss. Then he gave me a note with a sexual bondage scenario, talking about how he wanted to tie me up and undress me and stick his fingers in me. I didn't get worried or tell my sister (his mother) or even warn him not to do it - I just said it would be "our secret" and kissed him. And the first time we were alone together after that note, he tied my ankles to the legs of the coffee table and I lay on the floor while he pulled my panties off and explored me with his fingers.

It became worse and worse. His notes to me became more sexual than ever, and our times alone became more depraved. By his tenth birthday I had let him stick a broom handle up my ass and we were going down on each other and giving each other rimjobs on a regular basis. That was the year he lost his virginity to me.

My nephew's 15 now, and I'm not only 37, I'm totally submissive to him. He does me any way he wants whenever he wants. I even quit a job when his family moved so I could move and be close to him.

He's made me do things with other people and a few times even dogs. I had a two year lesbian affair because he wanted me to. I've drunk his urine because he made me. He has me conditioned to c** when he spanks me with a belt. I have a wardrobe of lingerie and costumes and toys for his amusement, and I have my bedroom fitted out with restraints for bondage so he can tie me up any way he wants - my sister saw the room and thinks I'm a pervert. She's right, she just doesn't know it's with her son.

I don't know why this started, how it started, or how to stop it. Half the time I don't want to. I've even considered suicide, but when I did I thought that he wouldn't like it so I couldn't do it.


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  • That's hoooooot

  • I need a nephew like your's

  • You're a sick person...

  • You are a freaking sick b******. I don't choose sides or judge anyone, but this is an acception. You need some f****** help. Pronto.

  • i freaking love you

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