Seat Sniffr

I get turned on by smelling peoples seats after they have sat for a bit. Especially when the person has not bathed recently. The poopy BO smells get me high. I’ve also found myself sniffing peoples butts while they sleep. My room mates ass smelled dank. He was a skater and didn’t do hygiene so much. Miss his stink.

Feb 2, 2022

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  • I love to sneak in a teenage boy's dirty laundry and pull out his underwear and sniff. There is something about a boy's butt aroma that turns me on.

  • There's a kid who works in my place. He's 17 and works part-time. I set him up with his own, brand-new chair. I make sure no one else uses it. After he leaves, I secretly perform the sniff test, while it is still warm with his body heat. I absolutely love it.

  • Some celebrities's seats/butts I'd love to sniff: Daniel Dimaggio, Cole & Dylan Sprouse (2 cute a**** for the price of 1), Griffin Gluck,

  • My nephew and his friend, both 16, came over to my house after bike riding all day. Both my nephew and his friend have slim athletic bodies and are really good looking, with the cutest little round butts. They left their bicycles in the driveway and came in the house. I volunteered to take their bikes in the garage, in case it rains. As I wheeled them in, I snuck a whiff of each of their bicycle seats. They were still warm and sweaty. My nephew's seat had a little aroma to it, but his friend's seat really had a strong, musky, pungent aroma that seemed to go in my nostrils and right down to my d***, as I got an instant hard-on. I kept putting my nose on the seat and taking long whiffs. I even ran my tongue across the boy's seat, hoping to get a taste of him. MMM. I quickly dropped my shorts and rubbed my d*** on the seat. I exploded in no time, and rubbed my c** all over the boy's seat. By the time he left, it dried and since it got dark, he wouldn't be able to see it. All night I thought of scent of this boy and him riding home with my c** rubbing off on his shorts. I, of course, invited him to come back any time he wanted, and he did take me up on the offer.

  • I have a friend who passes out whenever he gets drunk or high. I mean, you can shake him, push him, whatever, and he does not wake up. He's 19 and kind of shy, but cute. One time he passed out in my car and I couldn't get him to wake up. Just for fun, I drove and parked in a secluded area, unbuckled his pants and grabbed the wasteband of his pants and underwear and pulled them right down, exposing hit cute little ass. Out of curiosity, I brough my face right up to his butt and took a whiff. I couldn't smell much, so I pulled his cheeks apart to expose his little puckered a******. I took a whiff again and was immediately greeted with a sexy, spicy, musky, pungent odor that made me dizzy with desire. I kept sniffing and even let me tongue briefly touch his little hole. I stuck my finger in (my saliva must have been enough to lubricate his hole) and out and was actually finger f****** him, and other than a little moan in his sleep, he didn't wake up. I took my d*** out and was tempted to stick it up his cute ass, but thought that was probably too much. But I did take his hand and rubbed my d*** with it while I continued to finger him and every once in a while smell my finger. I exploded right in his hand and had an intense c**. I cleaned his hand off with a tissue, pulled his (and my) pants back up and drove off. By the time I got to his house, he started to wake up. I told him he passed out in the car. He was still a bit groggy, but got out, thanked me for driving him, and went inside. He must not have known what I did , because he never mentioned it to me, and I was able to hang out with him a few more times and do the same thing. I always wondered if his ass felt funny the next day from my finger penetration, but obviously, I couldn't ask. By the way, when I did this to him, I sniffed my finger as I drove home and practically had a second o*****.

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