African dreams

South Africa was amazing. Or at least it was 20 years ago. Right after getting married my husbands company assigned home to a South Africa office for two months. I accompanied him and it was basically our honeymoon. The people were nice, the coast and beaches were the bomb. We spent every weekend there.
Near the end of our trip my husband had a long three day weekend. We hired a guide and went far inland. We toured several small towns, the countryside and even stopped in two authentic tribal villages.
In the tribal villages white visitors was kind of a special thing. The people came out to see. Here is where things went south. But imagine this, a small 20 something very white girl from Kentucky surrounded by a group of tall, very dark skinned African tribesmen wearing only a pair of sandals and a small loin cloth. And I couldn't help but stare, the loin cloth's didn't cover them! Almost all of them were hanging out, or should I say below. I had never seen anything like it, a couple of the guys were scary. Their ** literally hung down to their knees. I was so embarrassed but I couldn't stop looking. And everyone knew I was looking. I thought my husband and the guide were going to break out laughing. The men were smiling and making jokes between themselves in a language I didn't know of course.
At the time I didn't realize how excited I was. When I finally got some alone time with my husband we ** like rabbits and the subject of the African men definitely came up.
Over the past 20 years we fantasized about the African men and "what if" so many times during our love making. Unfortunately my husband passed away nearly a year ago. I have managed to get over my grief and am beginning to lead a normal life. I have decided to do something wild to honor my late husband. Please don't judge too harshly. I have made contact with a travel agent to book a trip to South Africa for a week. I plan to spend several days of the trip inland visiting the tribal communities.
And guess what, this time the fantasies are going to come true. Even though it is 20 years later I am still quite attractive. I am looking forward to being surrounded by the African men one more time. This time I won't be embarrassed and I think I can find a way to get around the language issue. I am sure they will understand what I want and I am confident I will get it. From what I saw back then maybe more than I can handle but it will be an adventure.

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  • You are quite the ** lady. Hope you get all you want from those black men

  • You don't need to travel to South Africa lady, just come visit Baltimore! You'll find and enjoy enough what you desire

  • That is nasty your gonna get something u dirty w **

  • Do the things you like before you die.

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