Post-Breakup Hookup Disaster

I was feeling like s*** after he dumped me and decided to get picked up at a club and possibly get f*****. Met a few guys and thought a threesome might not be such a bad idea. We talked and I got super drunk. They took me to an alley and f***** me there. I remember riding one of them while sucking the other but not whether they were wearing any protection or not.

Apparently, I passed out and they left me there. I woke up in the middle of the night to a junkie or old bum humping my p****. I didn't even come to my senses until he finished inside after which I screamed and pushed him off, flailing my legs and probably landing on his jaw and b****. I was too terrified and ran off without looking for my clothes. Just got my purse. My phone and all my money were gone but I still had my keys.

The whole journey, I had to cover my t*** with my hands and occasionally my purse which was too small. I had nothing but a ripped mini skirt on and everyone seemed to enjoy my public walk of shame. I was too shaken to even ask for help and no one even offered anyway.

I thought I would at least be lucky to get home without anyone noticing me but unfortunately, the creep-neighbor saw me. He stuck around for my hand to slip and to get a peak. He got a good view while I was unlocking the door but fortunately, he didn't do anything.

I think I need therapy. I'm never going to drink again.

Feb 3

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  • Well babe, it sure looks like you got your revenge and then some.. You really showed your ex boyfriend that you could get even, so I bet you are happy as h***, especially after that bum left his c** in your p****. Bet you ex was really upset, so how do you feel about it now and how happy are you about it?

  • That is a walk of shame to remember. Are you just disgusted by the thought or does the humiliation secretly excite you? Hopefully no one used your phone to take pictures and share them with your contacts.

  • Damn bad day, hope it gets better

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