What should I do?

Well. My now ex girlfriend and I still like each other, in fact I love her. We went out for 4 months, and now we still flirt and call each other 'baby' and so forth.

She always had a few problems with me though, like how I could never hold a conversation with her, or how i lived 20 some miles away, or how I lied.
-NOTE: I'm not saying that my lies we're good. it was totally wrong. and I hate myself for it. But I NEVER cheated on her. I never have cheated on anyone.
Anyway, she also didn't like how I never argued with her. I always forgave her or said I'm sorry, because I don't want to lose her.

But, a few months into the relationship, she said that she didn't love me anymore, and I cried and cried, but I got through it, and still went out with her because she wanted me. She wanted to love me. and then right after a huge fight we had, we broke up (this was right before valentines day) and she told me that she had started to love me again, and that she was going to tell me that on valentines day as a present.

After that we continued to talk and I calmed her down to a point where she started to flirt with me again, and I've gotten better with the conversations and all of that as well.

(Also, I apparently was flirting with other girls when we broke up so I stopped doing what ever i was doing)

All was going great until tonight, when I saw a post on her facebook wall about some very sensitive stuff, and it hit me that SHE was flirting with other guys!

Now, don't get this wrong, she still VERY much likes me. But sometimes she HATES me because of the lies I told her

(I came clean about everything)

I've been working so hard to get her trust back, but when I asked her about it, she thought I accused her of doing it, instead of what I meant it to sound like was a question. And things got blown out of proportion and now she won't even talk to me.

I hate this so much because I'm so crazy for her. I walked to her house, then since i didnt have the courage to knock, I walked back home, a full 50 miles in total.

I hate this feeling. I dont want to leave her, but I WANT TO BE HAPPY TOO!

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  • Thanks for Commenting back so fast!
    However, I do see where you are coming from with the jealousy thing, I do get jealous quite easily when it comes to her. I just think I'm being so over protective that I'm pushing her away, even when she says that she wants me to be overprotective(it makes her feel like I want her[as if what I do is not enough i think atleast]). She has been suffering from depression from school and all(NOTE: WE ARE BOTH UNDER 18.) so we are thinking maybe that's the reason why and I'm looking into cyber schools for her, while she gets her mother to get an appointment with a Therapist. Going back to us being under 18. Neither of us can move closer to each other, we both have cars, but we still only get to see each other about once or twice a week. I'm still loyal to her, even if we aren't going out. I will stop at nothing to get her to give me another chance. If that doesn't work, she says that she wants me to be her best guy friend. Even though it will hurt my so much when she comes to be about how other guys are doing things to her and all of that, I will suck it up and still give her advice on it, that isn't to my own benefit.

  • Wow, you really do sound dedicated, or your a stalker. But you have to much dedication, not determination to be one. Well, being under 18 is s*****. I'm 26 and have been with my girlfriend for 2 years, so I'm not, nor have I ever been in your exact position. If shes depressed, therapy may help... I have a feeling though that learning about why school makes her unhappy isn't as good of a solution as getting out of it. College, at least for me, was a great way away from public education. In college the professors tend to care much more about you than public school, and the classes are more for you. I hate math and got it done with in highschool so that when college came along, I didn't take any. Great thing for me. I got therapy to see if it worked and for some it does, for me it just assessed something I knew about. Now is the time to prove you love her though. Most guys will take advantage of this kind of thing, instead, care for her. it may make her like/love you as a friend instead of a boyfriend for now but later, if it go's well for her in treating her depression (Which i hope it does) you can re assert your position. Remember that depression is a mental thing most of the time, and many times become a bodily thing, making them tired, and sluggish. My girlfriend had depression for a week once, and it was a matter of finding the key that fixed it for her. Some people just wind themselves into it more and more, and go into denile when trying to get out. Its mental, so keep her happy. Take her on a picnic or something of that sort. When my girlfriend had depression, it turned out she just needed a break, (I'm a published fiction writer ) so I just made her take a few weeks off, and we got through fine because I'm making plenty of money (She wants to make a name of herself, which makes me proud of her, as she wants to go beyond what most people go, even without the worry of needing to do it). But anyways, I'm dragging on. Take this time to help her, and worry about the love later, thats what you should do if you love her for real. I suggest if you guys are seniors that you get her out of school ASAP. Try homeschooling, I took it for a year, and it went pretty well.

  • Well, the therapy seems to be helping her, but it can never last the whole week until the next session. I can only see her after her therapy so she's usually quite happy by then, but I want to see her in like, 3 days after the therapy so when she's starting to feel down, I can lift her spirits back up until the next session. She just hates her school a lot. She hates Chem the most. And I can usually help her with that, even though I've never taken chem, i didn't take science this year. Also the depression is making her much more aware of her body. Like, in the bad way. She thinks she's obese, when she's already under the percentage thats defined as being 'obese' She's actually quite under it. Now, I am very dedicated, she's my life. I want her to be mine. I'm not like another high school ass hole who goes with a girl to have s**. I haven't had s** with her yet, we are both virgins, and we were thinking about losing it to each other. We were so happy when we met, and when I asked her out she was overjoyed. But that was BEFORE school. And I think that if we went to the same school, then it would be more... easy to cope with the stress if we could see each other, or comfort each other during the school day. It's very difficult, but I see it as a test, to test our faith in each other. We already did the few weeks off, but that ended in us breaking up. Any time I try to comfort her she just gets all mad and calls me an a****** or something and its hard to calm her down. And after I do calm her down, she's like 'I'm sorry i called you an a******. I just get so angry all the time' it's getting tiring but I love(as my own definition of it) her. So I don't know.. it's.. difficult to say the least.

  • She is probably flirting with others for one of two reasons, or both. She is perhaps trying to get you jealous is she is that kind of a girl. If thats it, and you know, then I don't think anything will come of it with other guys for her. Don't worry. Or she could just think that she is still open (Which remember, she is) and is testing the surrounding waters. There may be other reasons, but really, You shouldn't worry too much about that. Remember though, that if you think you can start it back up again, fix some problems other than lying. Perhaps moving closer to her if you can, or be sweet. I know it sounds crazy, but hopefully you should realize that unless she loves you too, the relationship is going to end up the same way, so after trying to fix these shenanigans that recently popped up, see if you can figure out her feelings about you, whether indirectly, or directly.

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