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I seduced my doctor last week. I am an attractive 30 year old mother of a little boy. Oh, also divorced.
If you are one of the sponges living off the taxpayers and have your government issued free medical care card you will NOT understand this. As a self sufficient, working, responsible person (actually persons as my ex husband helps) we got F***** by Obamacare! What we pay for health insurance should be illegal. And doctors are retiring right and left. I have had to switch family doctors at least 5 times in the past 10 years.
Sorry for the rant. About 6 months ago I was forced to find a new doctor and oh my God I hit the lottery. He is roughly my age and gorgeous! I was instantly in l***. I found myself using any excuse to take my son to the doctor. He was very nice and I couldn't help but flirt. Finally over a period of 2 weeks I started making appointments for myself. And i made sure my ailments required me to take my clothes off and I was prepared with the hottest bra and panty sets you can imagine. I could tell he was interested but I was having trouble closing the deal. Finally I was nearly naked and got him to examine my upper leg. I reached down, grabbed his hand and pulled it up to my p****. Neither of us said a word, but I was shaking as he got the hint. He slipped a finger under my panties and inside me. I spread my legs wide and was ready to do it right there in his office. He pulled away and apologized. I quickly stopped him with a kiss. That day we spent the evening in a hotel and it was great! We have been hooking up ever since.

Feb 6

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  • Thats hot I'd love to read more about this!

  • Yeah, “totally believable” except of course for the part where NO physicians (male or female) examine patients without a medical assistant/nurse in the room to act as a witness in case any nut cases (like you) make up false allegations, (also like you).

  • Hot. Is the doctor married? That would make it hotter.

  • So you a sexually assaulted him. Can the doctor have his me Too moment now? Image if a male patient put his female doctors hand on his d***... Hypocrite

  • I didn't seduce my doc. More like I had two uncomfortable visits with my gynecologist then never went back. My last two visits it seemed like he was flirting and spent a little too much time and attention down there. Kind of like he was trying to give just enough pleasure to get my attention.

  • That's hot!
    And same with Obama care. We got totally screwed even though voted x2 for him 😔

  • Utter bvllshit. And if not, what was your actual 'confession'? More of a rant. Think you need to work on your creative writing skills. Not a bad effort, but 2/10.

  • When I decide to become an actual for pay writer I will let you know and maybe attend a class. Until then I will enjoy my doctor!

  • Love it.
    I am a Dr and it is not unussual fofr my female patients to come on to me.

  • Can you share some of the more exciting moments? Would love to read.

  • A doctor who cant spell apparently..

  • Or apparently can't spell .

  • Fake

  • Yes you are...

  • Butthurt too

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