Do You Like Pee? I Like Pee

I like pee. I have liked pee for more years than I can remember. Here's my story.

Every day in the shower or if in a tub, I dave up my pee until my bladder is about to burst and over the years, that means a lot of pee. I go into the shower and lay on the floor, hold my d*** and release. I direct the stream over my face, eyes closed but on occasion lips parted some. I empty my bladder covering my face and then as the stream subsides, feel it go down my chest, over my stomach, and then finish by covering my d***. I push out a couple more shots trying to hit my face. Then, I m********* most times, then shower. I just have to have pee hitting me.

I am married. My wife is fully aware of my pee fetish but not so much about my m*********** with it. We still have s** once a week on Saturday night so I make sure not to interfere with that. I tried to get my wife involved in my fetish but after me laying down and her squating over my face a couples times, she just said she just couldn't get into it. So, I just continued solo. I did really love feeling her warm pee cover my face but I have to live without it. I always hope she will do it again but that us pretty doubtful.

That's. That us what I do. Nothing way out there.

Feb 8

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  • I'll join you in your pee fetish if your wife won't! My husband isn't into it either.


  • No, your pee is not held in your kidney. It is held in your bladder and it stretches and the more you hold it over time it gets bigger and holds more. Stop yelling misinformation.

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