Punishment and love

When I was growing up and into high school, I had a friend who's parents were really strict. I mean really strict. My parents were kind of distant. Detached.

Sometimes I would go to my friends house on the way home from school. Her mum would always welcome her and give her a big hug and a kiss. She'd say hi to me and I'd hug her. I guess I just wanted that physical contact.

My friends parents had lots of rules. She had to come straight home from school. Her mom selected her clothes and controlled her hair and jewelry. If she wanted to go to my place, her mum had to phone my mum first to make sure it was ok. You get the idea.

And she was physically punished. With the cane. One time when we were 10 she showed me the marks on her behind and other times she'd tell me she'd been caned but usually would not show the marks.

I wished my parents were like hers. I remember wishing my mom would hug me and greet me with a smile but she'd just call out hi. I would have to seek her out and initiate the hug. I had no rules. Just did what I wanted. Wore what I wanted. Went where I wanted. I remember talking to her and asking if she had some rules for me. Another time I even said I didn't think my parents loved me because they didn't punish me and saying I want you to cane me. They didn't.

I wish they had.

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  • Yes and if they did you be whining about that instead

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