Did that happen.

My ex wife and I got divorced a year ago and for my divorce anniversary I went to a buddies place and had some drinks, Ok it was after the bar just on a random saturday but was actually the exact day one year later, Anyway we go back to his place and are having a soak in the hot tub and his wife comes home from her night out and is talking to us, His wife used to be best friends with my ex until she caught her having an affair and ratted her out to me. Now no one talks to my ex, Her mom comes and gets the kids and drops them off again and no one has any contact with her.
So he tells his wife to get in and she says she doesn't want to go get on a bathing suit and he says "Pffft, F*** just gear down to your underwear", She contemplates, Looks down her shirt and then shrugged, His wife is short, Average built with a nice butt and has always had that butt, Right since highschool (She was 3 grades under us), Super cute, Always was the innocent, Cute girl with freckles and then my buddy picked her up one night at the bar and took her home in our late 20's, Her mid 20's. He told me many times about their bedroom life and that she was a bit of a wild one behind closed doors, Anyway she geared down and got in the hot tub in her bra and thong.
We were all feeling pretty good already and a few more drinks, Blah, Blah, Blah we start talking about the old days and my ex and then his wife said "Did she ever tell you we had a 3 way?" I looked at him because he met them 2 weeks before i did and he said "Whoa!!!! not with me, Before me", I laughed and said "Oh, Ok, No he didn't", She sluffed it off and told her that my ex never talked about her past and was not very adventurous when we were together but I said "Well...I wouldn't mind hearing about it", My buddy laughed and looked at his wife, She looked a bit embarrassed and said "Oh I don't know", My buddy said "You brought it up" and with a little coaxing she started telling me.
She said they went home from the bar one night with a guy friend of hers and talked my ex into joining them, I was shcked but she told me everything, Apparently they did some EX, She said it was a one time thing where this guy had given them some and so they took it, She said my ex did a LOT of stuff that she NEVER would have done since we were together, She explained at length about how my ex was more into her than the guy that night and pretty much went down on her every chance she got, I was like "No, There is absolutely no way" but she was ademant that it happened. She told me they did the sixty nine with this dude banging my ex and then switched and when he finished in her the two of them continued to sixty nine until both got off and then spent the rest of the night switching back and forth.
So after that the conversation turned heavily sexual and she was just laying it all on the table, Stuff he had never even told me, He was pushing her to tell me stories about stuff they had done and she was drunk and laughing and telling me stuff, Then he said "What about the bathroom in mexico?", She leaned back and put her head on the side of the hot tub and then sat up and said "Ugh, Don't remind me", I said "Oh I think this is one I need to hear", She looked at me and scowled then laughed and said "Oh it's no big deal, Just my first a***", I am sure my eyes almost popped out of my head and she laughed, I looked at him and he shrugged and said "Only on my birthday and anniversaries", She laughed and said "Oh Yeah and he still tries almost every time and it happens more than he lets on".
So she told me the story, thier 3 kids were still small asleep in the room so they wet to the bathroom, She got on her knees and leaned on the tube, He lubed her up and...., I was just staring at her and she said "Oh come on, You guys never did that?", I laughed and said "F no, she freaked every time I tried", She laughed and said "Well, I won't say it's my preference because it's not but it is far more enjoyable now than at first" I decided to throw a comment out and see what the reaction was and blurted out "Well, You have a perfect ass so I am sure it doesn't last long" and there was a short silence and then everyone laughed, He blurted out that she loved having her salad tossed and she slapped his arm, I said "Really?" and she palyed coy and then whispered "Haha, Hooooooly Fuuuck, trust me, if you get a girl to try it there will be no going back", My buddy said "tongue in her ass and thumb in her p**** she will squirt every time", She got wide eyed and said "What the F" he laughed and shrugged.
Then....He said "Wanna try it?", Before she could say anything I said "YUP", She sat up and her eyes got a little big and said "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa", He said "Awe come on hun" She said "Whoa...I didn't mean...I don't know if..." and he took her by the hands and stood her up, Turned her around and she willingly bent over putting her elbows on the edge of the tub. I had no idea how we got to this point but I dropped down into the water and got on my knees behind her, Grabbed her butt with both hands and gasped deep and then moaned, I looked at him and he was standing with his hand on her back and nodding at me quickly.
I just went for it and pulled her thong to the side and looked at her perfect little brown butt hole and then ran my finger dow scooping it to the side exposing her very nice little pink p****, She let out a couple little moans and he guided her knees onto the seat and spread them, I went right for it and stuffed my face between her ass cheeks. She has a soft voice but let out a deep "Ooohhh fuuuuck", I shoved my thumb in her and she moaned. My buddy knelt beside her kissing her and whispering stuff to her I couldn't hear but she was moaning and tensing up and then like 3 minutes later started to shake and moan "Oh f***, Oh f***, Here it comes" and then she started coming, I have never experienced a squirt before but it was more of a flood, She definitley did squirt because it was everywhere but then she kept going and it was running down my arm.
When she pushed my hand away I looked at him and he looked at me and mouthed "F*** her" I looked at him and he had his eyes big and mouthed again Now...f*** her" nodding quickly, I stood up and dropped my underwear and rubbed my k*** on her, She folded her hands, Put her head down and moaned "Ooohhh yes", I shoved it in and she was tight even though she was so slippery, and I slid in b**** deep, 5 minutes of that and I filled her up with come as she kneeled there and moaned. he slid into my spot and I watched him f*** her, He took her bra off and it hung there on her arms, Her b**** are small and saggy but...She has had 3 kids so whatever.
We eventually moved to the bedroom and it was just a whirlwind, I don't even know how many time I came but I put more loads in her than I probably did in my ex on our best week which is still probably only 3-4 but she sucked my d*** while he f***** her and vice versa, We pounded her in every position we could and just when I didn't think there was any possible way I could get hard again he rolled her onto her stomach and straddled her back facing her feet, Spread her cheeks and grabbed the lube then looked at me, I looked down and my c*** sprung to attention, and I straddled her legs, He slid back to her shoulders and she lifted her ass, I grabbed it and shoved my d*** in, She moaned "Ho, Ho, Hooooooo" and I f***** her ass slowly reaching under her rubbing her c*** and she clenched her ass almost squeezing my d*** off three times and the moaned and relaxed as I shoved deep in her and she flooded my hand as I came in her ass while he watched and jerked and then when I pulled out he straddled her hips and came on her ass.
After he got off of her she moaned "Oh jesus f***" and slowly got off the bed and went straight to the bathroom, I looked at him waiting for him to punch me in the face but he just stared at me wide eyed and then looked at the bathroom door as we heard the shower start and then at me and whispered "Holy f***, We just tag teamed my wife", He started laughing and I started laughing and I wandered around gathering my clothes, He said "You're leaving?", I said "I don't know, I probably should", He thought for a second and said "yeah maybe, the kids come back tomorrow morning".
I left and didn't sleep a wink last night thinking about it, I don't know how this will paly out or what to expect when I hear from him or her or see them in person next but my hands are still shaking thinking about it.

Feb 10, 2022

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  • Awesome story. Got me off

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