im dating 2 men.
they dont know about eachother.
one catches me all the time for doing things i say i do not do.
but i get off with nothing.
ive had s** with over 20 men.
and i still look for more.
there's no underlying factors for why i seek attention.
ive had plenty of problems in my life.
missing father. s** at a young age. rape.
but none of it affects me now.
ive grown from then.
i am a 17 year old girl, who is smarter than most25 year old woman.
i know what i want in life, i achieve great feats.
but still not happy,
i wonder sometimes if happyness comes with age.
maybe money.
im not the best looking girl, but im no where near ugly.
6'3, long chesnut hair, athletic build, pretty face.
i get no pleasure from s**, but i do it anyways.
to please someone else.
i guess thats what gets me off later, thinking about what happened with that person.
when im having s**, i think, A LOT.
i perform well thought out acts.
which they all enjoy.
ive never had a complaint and they've all come back for more.

but still, no happyness.
that's all i want, is to be happy.


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  • I feel for you but I do think if you ever find a guy that will except you for who you are and what you been through it will be so much better for you I would love to find someone so honest as you are

  • ah man.

  • Sounds great. I wish I knew you.

  • Once I read that you were seventeen, I lost all respect for you.

    Maybe once you start treating yourself with respect, you'll be a bit happier.

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