Where are you taking me to?

I decided to play a trick on my girlfriend for her 25th birthday. On Wednesday, I told I had a special plan set for her on that Saturday. Told her to wear her sexy short sundress and I told her no panties no bra. No problem she says.
All week she kept asking what we were doing, where we going, whats going on...ZIP LIPS. Not telling, don't think about it but it will be awesome.
So on Saturday we get up early and head out around 9. She is looks stunning. Dress is short, no panties, she looked great, and I couldn't stop looking at her or touching her on the drive.
Anyway, we drove out of Chicago and into Indiana. She was so confused until I turned into the Indiana Dunes Beach entrance. She turns and looks at me and says, you're kidding right? THE BEACH?! I had a huge grin and said YEP.
She seemed upset as we parked. But we got out and got the bags and cooler and headed to the beach. I picked a spot where there was an older couple nearby, 60s 70s maybe, but no one else...it was still a bit early ;)
She was nervous and just sat on her towel until I kept giving her beer after beer. After about the 3rd or 4th beer, and 30 minutes of puffing up her ego on how hot she looks and how beautiful her body is, she says I'll do it only if you do it first. I got up, took my shorts off, and said your turn. It took another 20 minutes for her to finally take her dress off. It was well worth it, her body looked amazing. We went swimming, alot of touching, some oral s**, and after a bit in the water I said lets go back to our spot. As we swam back to shore, I think the old people moved much closer to us and there were new older guys around. It's like the old guys on the beach sniffed out a hot young naked girl. They were like sharks. I well, lets see you tease them. She walked bravely back to our spot. I followed behind. I put on my shorts but she stayed naked. She loved the attention. She put on suntan lotion and had another beer all standing. She then walked back to the water to clean the sand off her. It was so much fun until a bunch of stupid kids showed up and made her uncomfortable because they sat very close to us and kept walking by her. Thats when we decided we had to leave. Guys, I encourage you to do this prank. You'll either get dumped or you'll shoot your load in your shorts when your girl gets naked. Good luck

Feb 20

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  • The first time that I took my girlfriend to a nude beach we went with my best friend since childhood. My girlfriend was a very attractive blonde with C size b******, slim waist and nice butt. I wanted to show her off to my best friend. My girlfriend knew that I wanted my friend to see her naked and she was willing to go along with it for me. She laid down on the blanket and sat with her legs spread so that my friend could see her slit. As my friend watched her she used her hands to spread her c*** lips and stuck a finger inside her. My friend and I both got hard so we left the beach and were going to drive back home. My girlfriend and my friend got in the back seat and I watched in the rear view mirror while they f*****. My girlfriend looked really fantastic getting f***** by only the second guy ever. After they finished I pulled over and switched places with my friend. Then as he drove an I f***** my girlfriend as he watched. When we got home all three of us went to my bedroom and we both f***** my girlfriend and fell asleep with her between us.

  • My wife and I go to a beach near Portland called Rooster Rock. There are trees on the East end and some trails, lots of people going by.
    We spread a blanket, get undressed in a spot a bit off the trail, well known.
    She lies down, lets her legs fall open and we wait.
    We have had as many as 20 guys gathered around, some of them whacking off as she opens up.
    Sometimes I pretend to not be with her and join the crowd.
    No g******** but she lets a few cute ones spread suntan lotion on, oddly, most are bashful but once in a while she gets finger f*****.
    It's a real turnon.


  • My friends and I created a tradition of pulling a prank like that. We'd ask our girlfriend to sneak off to a clothing optional beach to 'try it out.' What our girlfriends didn't know was that we'd forewarn our close male friends each time. If in the 'friend' possie, we'd wait until she was naked and away from her towel before we'd make our appearances.

    The first girlfriend to prove a great sport when pranked this way ended up in our group for keeps. She married him too. After a few more passed with flying colors, this ended up becoming a p*** test we pulled on our perspective mates too. Thankfully, my wife passed with a wide smile. I suspect that she was forewarned by one of the other women though

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