Feederism is a Mental Curse.

I am a person into Feederism. Someone who enjoys watching people eat and gain weight. It was something that manifested in me when I was younger because of Charlie and the chocolate factory, the story of Hansel and Gretal, and even that cookie episode of totally spies. Something about just a woman eating alot and showing physical signs that she did does something to me and I'm sure to anyone else in the community. We don't really take into account how dangerous the practice is. Overindulgence has long term effects that can harm or kill the partner you're with. It's why it is difficult to form relationships and keep them healthy for long when you're into this fetish. If you introduce it to someone you love for other reasons other than their physical appearance it can be a bit overwhelming when you feel solely responsible for their declining self image. You are the reason they keep gaining weight and you feel you can't do anything to help it because this is what you are. I've dated a few people I've introduced my kinks to any the question always arises that "if I lost weight would you still love me?" the obvious reason they ask this is because they don't want to continue to gain weight or get any bigger for very reasonable reasons. Her family has a history of heart disease or adverse health problems and she's scared she's next if she doesn't get it under control. Or maybe she doesn't like how she looks anymore and knows that you do. She feels conflicted in her own self image and it's your fault. I call feederism a curse because it's never enough. Maybe they gain a bit and you enjoy the progress then it stops so now it's hard for you to stay sexually motivated like you once were as they were continuing to gain weight. No matter who you end up with your desires will always turn them into a feedee whether on purpose or otherwise. Because you have a tendency to enable overindulgence. Buying extra food and hoping they eat it or feeding it to them yourself. All these things will eventually make them fatter whether they want to or not. But like I said before it'll never be enough because of the nature of the fetish. It's difficult to love someone and have this mental curse. Alot of times i wish I had traditional sexual desires that didn't require food and weight gain so I can love my wife's body at any size. I've looked up ways to try and mentally delete fetishes from my mind just so I can eventually have a wife to grow old with me but it's just not possible. I wish it was I've wanted it to go away for years but it's the only thing that gets me going. Other things don't work. And even if the progress is slow. You know the end result is gonna be an early death for your partner,and if you love them it's a reality you're gonna have to face one day. It's makes love scary because if you truly love someone for everything they are but sexually can't stay motivated for them because they're losing weight it can cause a rift that becomes hard to handle and depressing. I don't want to see my wife die because of me. I don't wanna continue to alter my body with s** pills either just so I can have s** with her as she loses weight. Feederism is a Mental Curse. I'm not the first to feel this way and I'm an intense moment with someone who is also into feederism its easy to forget how damaging it truly is. It isn't until you date or love someone who isn't into it that you start to feel guilty for liking what you like. I beat myself up daily about it because I feel so terrible for slowly killing her but I also can't help if it's what turns me on. Makes me not wanna be in love. Alot of times I just imagine a future where I have millions of dollars and I just pay a bunch of different girls that I don't care about to gain weight for me and my wife can just stay the same and we can live a happy life. Other days I figure that's a far fetched dream. Even if it was possible I'd be wrong for using people in that manner and it always come back to the original statement that this fetish is a curse. You are turned on by something potentially deadly. Which is sad and continues to be into my older life.

Feb 23

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