Young indian Wife make out with another guy.

Hi my wife and i are married for 20 years indian and she was a virgin when i married her. Never really make out with any other. Recently she met a guy on line from the island and they began to text and call with my approval and eventually few months later he came to our country and my wife went out with him 2 times for about and hour and a half each visit. I took her up to the drop off point and he pick her up in his vehicle and they went on the beach in the evening for an hour of make out session. My wife confess to me when she return to my car after he drop her off back that she felt very wicked being with another man for the first time. He was way taller and stronger than me and my wife is petite and short. He kissed her numerous times in the back seat of his vehicle. He quickly unhook her bra and suck her b**** and her neck and feeling up her entire body. When he try to feel her down there she push his hands off everytime. She sat on his lap and he was on top of her too. She did not feel his manhood the first nite nor did she allow him to feel her between her legs. She was soaked when she came back in my car. We had mind blowing s** when we reach back home. She had a visible hikey on her neck.The second nite was four days later and this time she wore another dress but without bra and he was all over her in the back seat. He put her to stroke his naked manhood and he suck her b**** so hard and often they pain her one week after the left the country. She came back soaked again second nite with two hickey. She sat on his lap second nite and grind a little. Our bed has been so hot after then. They still sext over the phone often but now he is back in his country.

Mar 5

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  • Too bad that they didn't f***. Then every time that you f*** her you can think about another man coming deep inside your wife. Hopefully your wife will show you a photo of his d*** and it will be much larger than yours. Then you will know that your wife has been f***** by a real man.

  • Hot, love to enjoy your wife

  • My wife went on what she called a "car date" a few times about a year after we were married.
    Some guy at the store where she worked, he and his fiance' had broken up and he wanted to "talk" is what she said.
    Each time was about two hours, the 3rd time she admitted that they kissed and petted a "little" bit.
    I asked her if she wanted to let him have s** with her, her answer was "Can I?"
    So, I told her to have him come over because if they were going to do it, they would do it right in front of me so there would be no secrets.
    She asked him, he said no.
    She was crestfallen.
    I thought that was funny as h***, but it did save the guy from a beating.
    I divorced that one a few months later, I knew I could not trust her.

  • Truth be told, your wife came back to you wet with c**. She was stoking him alright but not with her hand. Those second set of lips were tight around his shaft taking it all inside. She kept saying over and over, "finally a man". Like a stuck recording. Hope you enjoyed the taste.

  • Oh wow. Reading this made me sooo WET and excited for your wife.

    You should tell her to suck his manhood next time and grind on him some more. She should continue to tease him.

    Then you should ask her to invite him home. If your wife is anything like me I was very uncomfortable with other men. But then my husband allowed me to have s** with another man as he watched.

    It was absolutely amazing! Especially when Jim began to lick me after the other man filled me with c**. Jim said he now prefers to have me after I have been with another

  • Good husband

  • Fantasy...

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