I've needed to break up with my boyfriend for a while

When I couldn't just do it because I would always feel horrible trying to, I started searching for a way out. Even looking for other dudes. I started posting anonymous nudes online for that reason, and because I just wanted attention. I hate myself. I've considered just ending my life. I need to just break up with him. I'm planning on doing that today.

Mar 5

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  • Hey, many of us have been in the situation of needing to walk away from a toxic relationship. Even struggled with actually doing it. I assure you there is no need to take drastic measures against yourself. So.. the nude pics you posted. Be honest with yourself. Does it really make you feel bad about yourself? Because it shouldn’t! How did you feel when you first did it? Did you feel alive again? (Feeling all kinds of emotions at once) . You got responses back so that should tell you something. I am not saying keep that behavior up. It’s just not a wise thing to do unless you truly understand what it means to post stuff online. Trust me when I say, many people choose erratic behavior to help themselves move forward. Self sabotaging a relationship so you force them to do what you should be doing won’t end well for you in the long run. Do not doubt this! There is another guy who fantasizes about you that you know. Going from one relationship to another is not healthy either. It’s always best to take a break in between. You did nude pics which tells me you have a healthy wild side just waiting. The best way to find the strength your looking for since nothing else worked is to do things that are for you. I am sure there is someone who desires you and you have them but wouldn’t act on it because of your relationship. You wouldn’t be posting here if you were in a relationship still. Understand? Your relationship has been over and you know it. He is just as responsible for causing the relationship to end. So.. it’s a lot safer to find someone you know to have fun with than a complete stranger. This is not a “relationship” adult fun. It’s all about your needs adult type fun. A women always has some guy she knows and could trust for this task. She just may not realize whom it is but could figure it out quickly. Healthy all about your needs adult fun will jump start the strength and confidence to move forward to a happier life.

  • Good luck!

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