Borderline illegal?

My wife was basically forced to have s** by an man we met. A borderline rape situation. This happened a few years back and I say borderline because she intended to have s** with him anyway.
To give some context we are swingers and met this man for the purpose of having s**. One Sunday morning we were bored. Went online and found a black guy with a nice 8 inch c***. We met at a bar, had a beer then went next door to a hotel. Once in the room my wife broke out her bottle of Crown and I walked out to the vending machine to grab a couple of cokes. The machine was out of order and it was the only machine on site. There was a convenience store within site, maybe 200 yards away. I stuck my head in the room and told them I would be back in a few. My wife said "no problem , we will talk and wait on you to get back".
When I returned and approached the room I could hear my wife screaming loudly. I ran the last few steps and opened the door. My wife was still wearing her blouse and skirt. She was face down on the bed, her skirt above her waist, clawing at the bed. The guy was naked, on top of her and POUNDING her as she screamed. I thought they had just got carried away and started without me. At first I thought she may be screaming so loudly I checked to make sure he wasn't going in the back door. That is a no no for her. But he was in the right place. I took a few pics and watched the show as he kept going until he unloaded inside her.
After he finished he dressed as she just laid there exhausted. He thanked us and left. Afterwards we began to play and she told me what happened.
Apparently as soon as I shut the door he stood up and began to undress. When she said she wanted to wait he grabbed her by the hair, pulled her out of the chair and forced his c*** in her face as he demanded she "suck it". When she opened her mouth he began face f****** her, making her choke and gag. When he got hard and ready he pulled her up and threw her on the bed face down. He threw her skirt up, literally ripped her panties off, got on top of her and shoved his c*** in her p****. She even showed me the torn panties.
To this day we will sometimes bring up the experience and she will say she does know what it feels like to be raped.

Mar 9

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  • This sounds like something my wife would arrange on herself. She loves these kinds of situations. They happened in her head, for real and set up and she loves them all. I guess it's her kink. I love that she HAS a kink, but I wish it was for FMF threesomes and not various ways to grape her

  • Since the “rapist” got away clean, I think all three of you lived out a fantasy. Black men are not chosen by accident, and they are known to be dominant and demanding. He had reason to believe you both would put up with his behavior and probably enjoy it, if only secretly.
    If you are still swinging with black men, you will get the same treatment or worse/better depending on your appetites. Please share more

  • That sheath your get for dealing with n******

  • OMG, that sounds so HOT. I would love that!

  • Evidently very novice swingers. A husband would never leave his wife alone in a locked hotel room with any man they just met. If there is a next time, bring the cokes with you. If you can remember the crown, you can remember the mixer. Rules

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