Small ** husband

I'd always known my ** was small but it didn't really start turning me on until my wife began joking about my size. It started gradually with her saying things like 'Do you want to put your little thing in me?' when I was looking for ** and generally mentioning my small size more and more. This was after we'd been married a year or so. She obviously noticed that this had an effect on me because I would ** almost immediately when ** her if she mentioned my small **.

A few months ago she convinced me to try something different and got me to wear a pair of her ** in the bedroom. To be honest I didn't need much convincing. She said I looked great in them and that they were more suitable for a small ** like mine. Needless to say after a few minutes of talk like this I ** in her **. She found this hilarious.

We've moved on a bit now and since I've been working from home she's left out a pair of her ** for me to wear each day while she's out at work. Last week she shaved me down there and I must admit my little ** looks better without all the hair. The thing is though that she expects me to go out each day wearing her ** under my trousers and to go to places where there's a good chance I'll be seen, places like swimming pools, gym etc. I've got pretty good at getting changed quickly but I'm sure that on several occasions other men have spotted me either slipping out of girl's ** in the swimming pool changing room or quickly pulling up a pair of shorts over my feminine underwear at the gym. It's a mixture of embarrassment and excitement and on more than one occasion I've been sporting an ** whilst getting changed - even though it's only 3 inches or so it's probably not difficult for others to spot it. Fortunately no-one has mentioned it yet.

When my wife gets home in the evening I have to tell her about my day and how I got on. She wants to know if I think anyone saw me and what I would do if they talked to me. We have this chat in the bedroom and she watches while I **. We haven't had proper ** for months now although I do get to ** most days.

Mar 11, 2022
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  • So you have a small wiener. Don't worry about it. Joke about it during the day with her...have her take you to a ** beach while she remains clothed. The realization of your fantasy will blow your mind....all within the bounds of your marriage.

  • I appreciate your story - my belly gets bigger as my c*** shrinks.
    Please add to your story when your wife shares some of her “huge **” exploits with you. At that point your feminine attire will become a uniform for all to see

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