Can't quit...

I am a 23 year old prostitute. Me and my boyfriend (he is 21) both worked in a restaurant until our state shut everything down over the virus. Even with all the giveaways and rent forgiveness we were still broke.
Waiting tables and tending bar I have been propositioned many times and even offered money in exchange for s**. One evening me and my boyfriend talked about it. When he said he was OK with me doing it I was surprised. I decided if I had to go this route maybe he should also. I made it clear that we both had to be in this and he would have to pull his own weight. He was not happy about it but he agreed.
We posted profiles on a website called "skipthegames" for escorts. My boyfriend insisted on trying to be a boy toy for older women. I immediately had responses and offers to meet for money. My boyfriend only had one response from a much older woman and the rest of his responses were men seeking s** with him. As I began to make money my boyfriend was bringing in nothing. I finally told him he had to start meeting the men if he wanted this stream of money to continue. Once he changed his profile to accept dates with men the offers flooded in.
I remember the night of his first date. We used our apartment as a safe spot and usually brought our dates there. The man who arrived was a very tall, dark skinned, older black man. The man paid for an hour and from the noises I heard he got his moneys worth. After he left I went in to check on my boyfriend. He was laying on the bed naked. He said he needed a few minutes, he was in too much pain to get up. He got really angry when I began laughing and joked about "now you know what it feels like". He said the man had a really big d*** and f***** him in the ass twice.
Well we are a year into this arrangement and I can say we have made really good money. Much, much more than waiting tables. When things started to get back to normal my boyfriend wanted to quit and go back to the restaurant. I said H*** NO. Even though he has gotten used to it he really doesn't enjoy having s** with men. I am pretty much making him do it at this point. Sometimes I even get a little enjoyment when he tells me a man was really h****** him. Does that make me a bad person?
My position in this is a little different. I actually enjoy most of my dates for one simple reason. I have established a small list of regulars. These are attractive men that I have met and truly enjoyed the s**. I was smart enough to offer them discounts and go the extra mile to make them very happy. In exchange I can count on them as a regular money stream without having to meet many strangers.

Mar 12

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  • Where are you located and what's your DM handle grl? 😍

  • Your life your decision❤

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