Embarrassing bus ride

I finally got the nerve to go out in public dressed only in a bra and panties with garter belt and stockings underneath a trench coat, I had cut the pant legs off an old pair of jeans and tied them around my knee’s so u would think I was wearing pants..I got on the bus and proceeded to ride up town,it was exciting thinking about myself with just girls underwear on and nothing else under my coat.. I pulled the cord for the next stop before downtown and got up to walk to the side exit.The door opened and I was about to exit when my coat got caught up in the door when it closed and all of a sudden my coat is being ripped up the middle of the back there I was running along the side of the bus with half my coat being dragged with the bus and I was trying to pull the coat out of the door,mean time there are people sitting on the bus watching and laughing at me in my girly underwear most were young kids heading to school. I finally got my coat from the bus door and tried to fix it all the while I’m standing there in my underwear with people passing by in cars honking and laughing. I will never forget the embarrassing situation and to top it off I had a hard-on all the time it was happening, I was wearing all black underwear and stockings in granny panties so u couldn’t really tell I was excited.

Mar 15

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